My new brewery

  • I just opened a Brewery

    Anyone else already tried the Boozeception? Im still working on getting hops but Wheat and Water seems to work fine to

    Found different sorts of brew, youngster and ale´s. And RUM...yes RUM. By the way a friend drank a few mugs of RUM and died instantl seems a little random but sometimes it just kills you.

    Was really funny though.

    I already tried to put in alot of other stuff like cacti for Tequila or something but no success now.

    Can anyone else tell some succeds?

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  • 5 reeds in one barrel has never killed me and gives 30s resistance and 30s fire resistance.
    Pretty good trade actually.


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  • rum is a bit different. i believe its all the same. the amount of reeds you put in just determines how much rum youll get in the barrel. the longer you let it sit the better it gets. if you tap it too early its very harmful(instant death and such) but if you let it ferment fully you get resistance and fire res. on the first drink. higher tiers of the first 2 + blindness on second drink. and same as the second + nausea on the third drink. the effects only stack up to about 3 minutes and using terra wart doesnt get rid of the blindness for some reason, only the nausea.