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    Why are you creating an analogy about car batteries and real life situations when the whole point is about IC transformers?
    They DO NOT give you free energy, it just increases the packet size.
    Packet size != eu/t.
    Transformer take in EU to fill their buffer and empty that buffer when they reach their defined threshold.
    If you upconvert 32eu/t to 128eu/t then it will take 4 ticks to fill the MV transformer and make it emit 1 packet of 128.
    Same for 512eu/t. 4 packets of 128.
    It's not free extra energy, it's a bigger packet.

    LV: 32<>128
    MV: 128<>512
    HV: 512<>2048
    Transformers passively downconvert energy incoming on the 3 dotted face.
    When powered by redstone they will instead take energy from the 1 dotted faces and upconvert multiple packets into one big packet of the right column.

    uu matter is dumb in my opinion. they should just get rid of the mass fabricator cause its ridiculous.

    Why don't you opt to not use it then? We don't have to adapt to your playstyle, it's a darn sandbox game.

    If you think UU matter is too easy to get, get Gregtech, it makes it a lot more expensive.
    That, or opt to just stop using it. You don't have to.

    Anyway, Greg, might it be possible for you to detect CC and modify it's recipes? I dislike the fact that you get such a powerful tool with stone-age materials.

    Second, as people look forward to a higher-tier miner. What about a multiblock structure that uses an algorithm to determine the height of the drillpole? It would use 4 mining pipes per operation and like 30x the energy. It would either require multiple diamond drills or a separate item, be it an advanced bore, some laser stuff or a combination, something expensive.
    Every x layer added would increase it's drilling radius by z, up to a maximum radius of 23 (Ignoring the middle 2x2: 16-7-2-7-16)

    @Crafter, do notice that this is an error that could happen with or without bukkit.
    Bukkit is irrelevant to his problem.

    You have misaligned ID's.
    Your client has the wrong Block/Item ID in the IC2.cfg file.
    An easy fix is to copy over the server /config folder over to your .minecraft folder.

    When your client has misaligned numbers it will forward the wrong number to server, say 650. The server knows no block/item ID with number 650 and throws you an error with, No such item.
    When you try to craft said block/item, the server will try to give you the item described in the configuration file ON SERVER.
    let's say the server has the trade-o-mat as number 651, and you have it on 650. Then when crafting the server will send information to your client about blockID 651. But because blockID 651 does not exist on your client, you will crash with a NullpointerException when trying to grab it.



    An easy fix is to copy over the server /config folder over to your .minecraft folder.

    I'm partially against it due to resource-usage.
    Imagine if 20 players where carrying 20 storageblocks.
    It's all extra CPU-cycles, all for a mechanic that's a little gimmicky.
    And even if I appear to be wrong, and load is a non-issue, then maybe.

    It is useful for miners or temporary remote locations, but it lowers the value of portable charging.

    It would be simpler to just make them lose 0.45 of total power.

    I would like to apply for following positions:
    Bug & support section and/or suggestion section.

    I have been around IC since the very start.
    I have had minor previous experience with handling a forum crowd.

    As sectional moderator I bring the following qualities:
    The ability to use proper English and use proper code of conduct.
    The ability to use objectivity to judge a situation.
    The ability to keep a calm temper without bias towards one or more groups.
    Good insight in game mechanics and functions.
    Basic-average knowledge of reading out stacktraces.

    I might not seem to post a lot, That is because I often scan and zip through the forums and occasionally post.
    I like to operate in the background to keep it running. I will not take unfounded decisions or amass posts.

    The main reason I am applying is because I'd like to carry some weight for others for some time.

    Or you could build yourself a nether power plant to power your centrifuges.
    Create a self-refuelling nuclear reactor to power that massfab.
    Get a windmill tower to charge you lapotrons so your miners can dig for you.

    You know, you could just play the game instead of using cheap tricks and be like HoHoHo! I got so many eu that I can do nothing with because game insight.

    On the other hand, it's a nice find for people wanting to do simple tests or spotlights or whatever, but for general playstyle it's not only cheatish, it's also more of burden than spawning it yourself.

    I often notice that a newby suggestion culminates in a flamethread or bashthread.
    These suggestion should just politely be closed by a central authority (Like a Global mod, developper, or equivalent).

    Some people will not listen to the input of other players, that's why a thread often ends when Alblaka or RichardG gives a final word on it (Locking aside.)
    I say to just lock the threads and setup the forum to delete any thread locked for 2 weeks.
    A compendium is useful for the developers themselves and involved members, random suggestion-spammers often don't bother to look.

    You can't expect a forum to keep itself clean. You will either need to do it yourself or avoid letting troublemakers in.

    If the forums were to become so hostile as to make it invite-only it will become a really quiet place overtime, as well as damaging the IC2 name.

    We surely don't want ICF to become: 'The forums where input is not appreciated.'

    *exaggerated, but it's to make a point*

    Hey Greg,

    I wondered if you could tone-down the amount of experience you get from pyrite ore.
    I found 2 veins and literally went up 26 or so levels.

    Also, consider making pyrite rarer or give it more uses, because technically I could easily make 14 centrifuges and extract that pyrite dust, but when one trip to the nether yields you a hoard of 15 stacks of pyrite with minimum effort seems a bit off.

    Other than that, thanks for making endgame REAL endgame :)

    Thanks in advance.



    Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot 254 is already occupied by

    Shadowscale, this is your issue.
    And as a good hint, next time you get an error log, atleast try to 'ctrl-f' (search) for 'slot'. Without the quotation marks.

    90% of errors are ID related and is simply fixed by setting the ID in the config to any number >389 or <4095.
    Try opening computercraft's config and set ID number 254 to 400.

    I think bricks main concern is removing rarely used/useless mechanics (Like matermilltowers) and replacing them with more expensive yet more viable options.
    A second point is probably lag.

    Best way to condense mass generators is just using a same system like they did with the solars, condensed generators. I guess we'll have to leave that to addons.

    Why don't you try to export the model into a more suitable file. (.max, .obj, whatever.)
    Wavefront object files can be used with java without many issues.
    I'm pretty sure there are MAXscripts or external scripts that allow you to convert those files.