Question: [How to install HD texture packs?]

  • Greetings all.

    I encounter the problem while trying to use HD textures (128 x Sphax Pure BDCraft with IC2 extension) in IC2. Help/hints how to properly do this will be much appreciated.
    The (obviously unsucesfull) procedure that I'm using so far is as follow:

    1. Download fresh minecraft.jar file (NOT a snapshot, 1.2.5 version)
    2. Patched it with MC Patcher, ver. 2.3.6_03
    2.1 Options used during patching: HD text, HD font, Random mobs - all other options are OFF
    3. Download ModLoader [v1.2.5] from…-mods-everything-updated/
    4. Open minecraft.jar in WinRAR, copy ModLoader files into it.
    5. Download Forge client, copy contents into minecraft.jar
    6. Close minecraft.jar
    7. Download IC2 client 1.95b, copy jar file into ".minecraft/mods" directory (WITHOUT opening it or changing the file in any other way).
    NOTE: META-INF directory is deleted by MC Patcher during patching process, so this step is also covered.

    Now, MC is running fine with default textures. But when I try to switch to other texture pack troubles begins...

    About 75% of the time MC goes black screen and freezes. No crash report is displayed in game window, but when launched via command line, the following report is generated:

    Other 25% of the time MC starts and loads the world/save, but some blocks (eg. smoothstone) have "microportals" and "microflames" on them - like when the game was not patched for HD textures properly (see linked image - )
    /sorry for providing it this way, but for some reason 'insert image' option is not working for me... :( /
    And the game crashes after the while (on updating chunks??...)

    So, what am I doing wrong? I've seen numerous YT videos with IC2 using hi-res textures, so it can be done. But I can't make it working ...sigh...

  • This is what i do...

    1. Install all the mods you need to begin playing MC
    2. Search for texture pack you want.
    3. Place chosen texture pack into "texturepacks" folder
    4. Load MC
    5. switch to the texture pack
    6. Eye candy all day

    That is seriously all you need to do. I AM running the 128x Sphax Pure DBcraft with IC2, Buildcraft3, redpower 2 transformers and few other addons for it. You do NOT need all that other crap (MC patcher) to load texture packs.

    If you are getting an error with following my steps then it is NOT because of the texture pack, I would suspect MC patcher or some other mod your running.

  • Well, applying MC Patcher after copying ModLoader and Forge into minecraft.jar render IC2 inactive X(
    Using Sphax textures without MC Patcher causes 'miniportal' and 'minifire' on the smoothstone...

    I will try Optifine, and if this do not help, I guess I have to learn to love the default textures :)

    Anyway, thanks for your answers gentlemen.

    EDIT: Looks like using OptiFine AFTER ModLoader & Forge do the trick! Many kudos ultimate_omega!

  • No problem at all.