A little help with breeder's and discussion on "safe" breeding.

  • Okay so, I constructed my first breeder last night fully prepaired for some careful timekeeping. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned a I'm now left with a crater where my reactor once was (although thankfully mitigated due to my containment procedures).

    Now I'm wondering if there's such a thing as a "safe" breeder, although obviously not going to be the most efficient interms of uranium in to uranium out I believe this is the best option for SMP (Where you might not always be present etc).

    I just came up with this design: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…6xdp0lbsp5ey7wfaypmz379kw

    I'm wondering if this will work? Will I be able to just plonk in the depleted isotopes and return some time later to (if the odds permit) 4 re-enriched Uranium cells?

    Note that the heat never exceeds 50% heat and thus the local water should never evaporate (this is partially why my original breeder exploded). Does anyone have any better designs for "safe" breeders?

  • Put one of the chambers on top of the reactor, then a solid block above the chamber and the water source on top of that. The water won't evaporate now(actually, it does, but only the flowing blocks and they will get replaced so quickly that the amount of cooling won't changi).

  • It does look good to me yeah. a lot less space intensive as well so you could add in some more uranium cells for raw power generation to make it actually usable as well.

  • A few comments:

    Safe breeder - Yes. I recommend 2 features for safety.
    1. Chicken kill switch. http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=4646 . Shuts off reactor after radation starts.
    2. Nuetral breeding config - found http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=2963 and http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=4915 Neutral means heat is neither growing or fading, achieved by balancing heat generated and cooling. When the isotopes finish, it starts cooling because it generates less heat.

    50% heat - Cold start to 50% is so bad at enriching that you may not get 1 uranium cell per 1 consumed. I encourage you to try it, just so you can see the abysmal returns.

    Water evaporating - Put your source block 3 above the reactor and let flowing water fill the cooling spaces. 4-6 chambers it only takes 1 source block. source block 2 above the reactor (the layer above the top chamber) will get evaporated. One block above that and you have no trouble with evaporation.

    Designs - I'm not gonna lie, from your designs it looks like you are just starting, and don't have a firm grasp on how all the parts interact. I like that you want to dive in and get your hands dirty with radioactives, so i'll go deeper into detail in the hopes you will learn from it. My main gripe is that they are positive breeders. Large net heat gains can and will result in explosions. I've done a few positive breeder designs around hybrid energy producers. To break even, you have to play it close to the edge. Safe & positive breeders are mutually exclusive. There are none on the list of good reactors, and even my suggestions have been shot down. My secondary gripe is there is a lot of parts that don't seem to be that useful. Yours - http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…6xdp0lbsp5ey7wfaypmz379kw , Slight modification - http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…mindgppffo5orxstm9n6mxcg0 The modification is still not good, but it does a better job at breeding (due to the higher heat) than the original with less parts and cheaper, and still a mark II. Still not something i'd recommend due to the low breeding efficiency. My recommendation: Read the first couple posts of the links, and in my how to preheat use the Heating and Neutral breeding in section II. It's my bread and butter when I'm not trying to be fancy, and super easy to set up. It takes a little attentiveness during heating, but once you switch to breeding config the only negative consequence to leaving it alone for long period of time is having to reaheat it and fuel spent inefficiently (but still more efficiently than any cold start breeder).

    Thanks for Giving drill access to miners!