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    This is a cold start breeder, does not retain heat. I feel it fills an empty niche, the dirt cheap...
    Starter breeder
    Efficiency: 88.4%
    Speed: 1315.8s/uranium
    Cost: Copper 265, Tin 32, Bronze 8, Iron 83, Gold 8
    Credit: Gorzak

    Upgrades from 4 to 12 heating cells
    Efficiency: 93.7%
    Speed: 671.14s/u
    Additional Cost: Copper 88, tin 2, iron 8

    Please Replace current:

    Stable Cheap Breeder
    Efficiency: 96.8%
    Speed: 358s/uranium
    Cost: Iron: 127, Copper 647, Bronze 24, Tin 49
    Credit: Gorzak
    (cost incorrect)

    with slightly less expensive

    Stable Cheap Breeder
    Efficiency: 96.8%
    Speed: 358s/uranium
    Cost: Copper 636, Tin 54, Bronze 24, Iron 125, Gold 8
    Credit: Gorzak

    There is a control section with levers. One lever in each direction propels the entire ship that direction. 2 central levers control up and down. 1 special lever next to a directinal one turns mining on and off. Ladders on each side lead up to 2 seperate sections. Autofactory outputs metal into one crafting table, gems and coal dust into a second. The mass fabricator is operated by switch, below the switch is a red light, when that goes off, you turn the switch off. The rest ends up in a chest, and there is an input chest for feeding in empty cells or spill over if the sorter gets jammed. Power section has 3 nukes, a geo and 4 mfsu. 2 nukes are power config, one is a safe breeder. There is a crafting table for uranium components, and a chest in the floor that feeds isotopes to the breeder. The engine component I am particularly proud of, I adapted it from Team Pants Madness... but no remote redpower signals made it very interesting. I've only played with it in the desert thus far, I don't know that it will do well with oceans or how the miner reacts to trees. Still, this thing generates blocks of metals far faster than I can find a use for them.

    Only IC2 1.11 and Redpower 2 pr6 on 1.4.6
    Auto Factory

    Power room

    Control room

    Top View

    Ground View

    Ground view while deploying miners in new spot

    I haven't played with gregtech, but I did put some time in my high output breeder. If you looked at that, you'd see the preheating and cooling config was superior. I suggest this as an improvement. It's just my cooling config (minus one component) on your gregtech fuel config. It is self regulating temp wise, and there is room availible for cheaper plating and/or increased cooling (for temp stability) by adding the 8 cooling compenent vent back in.

    Your second design can be optimizedto remove a chamber.

    Anyone want cheap breeders?

    I love a good cheap breeder. I like your designs, but there is either a missing detail or the design did not consider an important factor.

    These are not designed to be heat stable. Heat stable means retains heat while off, for that to be true, the heat generated by heating cells has to equal or preferably slightly exceed cooling. Both designs you posted will be cold as ice after half a cycle of not running. Cooling has to meet or exceed heat generated from uranium while running, which is 60 for the uranium surrounded by isotopes. As a result, heat generated by heating cells has to exceed a minimum of 60 for your basic efficient breeder isotope configuration, if you want a heat stable design. That's a minimum of 15 heating cells surrounded by 4 heat-able components. I haven't found a way to do that cheaply, maybe you can. Of course, not all breeders need to be heat stable.

    So, going off the designs you actually posted, you slid the heat slider way up there, even though you are gonna have a cold or cooler start. You either need to slide the slider down to 0 heat starting to get an accurate representation of just starting it as is, or work out instructions on how to get the heat up to the slider, like what heat vents to pull, and how long you have to wait before inserting the vents and the fuel just before turning it on.

    This is the breeder I am actually running on my ship.
    Environmentally friendly Breeder
    Efficiency: 98.2
    Speed: 178.9s/u
    Resources: 1626 copper, 84 tin, 53 bronze, 196 iron, 8 gold
    Credit: Gorzak

    This retains high efficiency, and trades a slower output and higher cost for the reduced automation complexity and reduced environmental effects. You only need to automate 1 double chest full of isotopes, as it breeds 56 vs the 58 you can contain. The hull heat is below evaporation and hurt threshold, you could cover this with decorative water if you wished, and get as close to it as you like.

    In regards to the max efficiency breeder, I run a variation of it. The constraints that make it preferable are 2: Space constraint. I don't have enough space for 3 double chests to feed isotopes, and 2 I don't like running it hot enough to cause radiation damage. That design does a double chest exactly per cycle at 39 heating cells, while remaining below hurt and even evaporation thresholds. My feelings won't be hurt if you choose not to include it, my constraints are likely unique, but my thoughts were having maximums and minimums might prove useful to someone who needs something in between.

    Your design change has changed its stable off temp to 0. It's a lot easier of a build if you are ok with a cold start, but I wanted it to start hot. I'm guessing it can be improved, but it's a good starting point for hybrid designs.

    2 designs
    Hybrid reactors:

    Link: Breeder Replacement
    Eu/tick: 60
    Energy Efficiency: 3
    Overall Efficiency: 3
    Running costs: 0 UU
    Breeding Efficiency: 95
    Breeding speed: 125.9s / uranium
    Cost: Iron 293, Copper 1706, Tin 112, Gold 26
    Credits: gorzak
    This breeds as much uranium as the standard breeder, and outputs 12x the energy with 3.0 efficiency. Run it instead of the standard breeder and get energy and efficiency while you breed. It's stable off temp is 22k, it's stable running temp is 28k. Even though it says mark II, no downtime is needed.


    Link: Maximally Efficient Breeder
    Efficiency: 98.9
    Speed: 113.6s
    Cost: Iron 218, Copper 1853, Tin 87, Bronze 50, Gold 8
    Credits: Gorzak

    At 5 chambers it is frame friendly, self heating and temperature regulated. To get better efficiency, you have to pull tricks to get extra heat beyond what heating cells can provide.

    Stable Cheap Breeder
    Efficiency: 96.4%
    Speed: 358s/uranium
    Cost: Iron: 132, Copper 631, Bronze 21, Tin 57
    This breeder will hold its heat when off, so it can be run for partial cycles without problem, requires being run to reach full heat.
    Credit: Requia

    Slight upgrade I think.

    I don't know how to put it in your format.
    What formula are you using for breeding efficiency?

    For my Very Fast breeder, can you include these instructions:

    Heat initially by leaving overclocked heat vents out while the reactor is off for ~10 min. Cooling exactly offsets the heat generated by heating cells, it will never cool off after heated.

    As skavier said, Redpower frames. I'll look at uploading it so others can play with, but that is for a different post.

    Skavier: I skipped CASUC back in the day. I'll probably try CRCS just to try it, but it doesn't thrill me as a concept, I think I'd be more likely to make mark V with timing cycles if I wanted to push efficiency past what mark I can do. I am pretty ok with the 3.33 for now though.

    I actually plan on building a nuclear facility with > 8 reactors to feed my uranium income into. The goal is to have consumption catch up to production without skipping the efficient breeding step. My prodcution is through the roof because of my mining space ship. I have 3 reactors (1 breeder, 2 energy) on my space ship already, I breed far more than I consume, yet cannot breed even close to my raw income. I need something excessive like this.

    I thought the idea of a heart shaped breeder for valentines day is endearing.
    It is a given that designing around a large shape requires inefficiency, as more uranium leave less space for plating, and extra cooling leaves less space for plating.
    Given that, I wanted to see if I could design that preserves a heart shape without giving up too much in efficiency.
    Valentine's heart
    63.7 bred / U isn't terrible, it's around 70% of maximal. You will need more than 3 double chests full of isotopes to feed it per cycle.
    I'm not going to use it to breed, but if you want a heart in your reactor, that is how I would do it.

    I saw a couple designs, but was not satisfied with them, so I set out to try a few of my own, and this is what I came up with:

    This one won't heat up until it starts for the first time, or unless you remove a cooling element, but stays heated afterwards (heating cell heat matches cooling exactly)

    I'm a little unclear as to why this one works, I feel like the top component exchanger should be overwhelmed. The overclocked vents around it should be pulling 12 extra heat each, for 36 total, more than the 24 it can handle. I have not tested this design. If it works as the planner suggests though, it has the same returns without the heating difficulty, heating cells will heat it right up.

    Both get 83.8 enriched per uranium, for total 167.6 and run at ~60k heat

    I've posted a few upgrades on that thread without realizing it was no longer supported, so the interest in getting it replaced seems valid to me.
    I am not willing to do the effort myself, but I have a suggestion. Do it the capitalist way, competition. Post a competing thread with the same idea, starting with the same info, and actually update it with relevant designs. Everyone starts pointing people to the better thread, then a mod comes along and unstickies the outdated one and stickies yours. That's my 2 copper nuggets. I'd love to see my breeder designs in that thread, both hybrid and the upgrade to the standard. Thank you for being willing to maintain it.

    Taking a step back to single cells, I tried getting a 10-core reactor up, but simply failed to get the design stable.

    Are you dead set against using heating cells and plating? I'm curious as to why. Here is a design that has a cold start, but is utterly stable 10 single cell U, 3.6 efficiency with 1.4 cells per U. It will take auto replace machines (redpower retriever, transposer is what I use) for the isotopes & re-enriched. It heats after it turns on, stabilizes while running at right around 19k heat. 19.6k is the radiation threshold, so it is utterly safe. After it finishes it's fuel it starts to cool again. It doesn't need to be cold to start it again, it should be impossible to explode with infinite runs. If you restart it before it cools off, you will get better returns on breeding. If it cools off all the way, you get 1.4 per U, so still at replacement level. 2 stacks with stack size of 15 heating cells are the minimum to get replacement from that config, 19 gets 2 more cells bred without any additional consequences, and if you are ok with radiation, 23 is the maximum and gets you 2 more cells. Personally, I'm not a fan of radition, so I'd go with stack size 19 heating cells.