Forgotten-War Tekkit Server 2.11 - 20 Slots - IndustryCraft2, and more. - PVE -

  • The worst thing thats on this server I can see from the pictures is on the second picture. Seriously BC pipes you never heard of Redpower2 and also electric engines on a wooden pipe WT!!!

    People who use tekkit don't know shitaki about any of the mods.

    Also disabling all the EE2 items makes EE2 useless and seriously it takes about 5 days of mining and doing shiz to acctually get 100mil EMC.

  • Really? You managed to misspell IC's name?*facepalm* How dare you advertise your server here you technic using scumbag!

    Allmighty Dragon Lord Modderator Alblaka please remove this server from your holy shrine of worship for they have sullied your work without a second thought, ban them into the void or into ban hell just as long as it's gone from this holy shrine to worship your epicness. For this we say... HAYO!!!