Suggestion: Graphite plates as neutron moderator

  • Graphite plates as neutron moderator:

    The efficiency of nuclear reaktor can't be enginerd to 5 at the moment.
    This will change with this new use of our good old carbon plates.
    Graphite can slow down neutrons. Nuklear fission is more effictive with more neutrons (other uran cells) or slower neutrons (slowed down by carbon plates)
    As normal carbon plates are a bit too thin you have to craft layered carbon plates and compress them to graphite plates.
    Layered Carbonplates:
    C=carbon plate
    [ ][ ][ ]
    [ ][ ][ ]
    A uran cell pulses once for each Graphite plate its touching.
    Graphite is able to save up to 1000 heat before melting, but it produces heat like a uran cell and distributes it like uran cell would +all heat it got from the uran evenly split. To avoid abuse: A graphite plate can only be heated up by uran so it doesn't make reaktor platings obsolete.

  • Yay, not being able to get a efficiency of five has disturbed me most with nuclear engineering :)
    Great suggestion!

    But, I think it should produce less heat than an uranium cell. Maybe one or two heat for each uranium cell?
    This would be more realistic, I suppose (if there are no balancing quantum-based issues ;) )