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    Don’t forget that there is still some other data included in the save files ;)
    My proposal would only double the amount of space used for lighting data (not the one for the other stuff) and I was well aware thereof.
    Additionally, it would slow down lighting calculations where sunlight is cast into dark caves (for example) because MC would have to walk longer until the current value equals the one already there (in this case likely zero).

    From my point of view, the problem is that MC’s lighting engine doesn’t support enough brightness values. Currently there are only 16 – for the whole range from darkest black to brightest light.
    It has been annoying me for a long time already, but I didn’t get to fixing it myself (or even write a feature request – maybe there are already some pending?) and won’t for at least two to three months. (And then I’ll have to learn modding first)
    Sure, 16 fits nicely into half a byte, but come on … have you never been in a desert and, instead of thinking “Aaargh, it’s burning my eyes!!”, thought “Meh, seems to be a bit cloudy *looks up* oh, it isn’t …”? (Applies to snowy landscapes, too)
    Having 16 shades is just not enough, if it was doubled (a big improvement) or quadrupled (even better), we probably wouldn’t have such problems. :)
    With 32 shades (equalling five bits*), the torch's light level could remain at its current value (or maybe boosted to 15-17), Lava could emit some amount around 23 to 25, glowstone would probably reside at 27 and finally sunlight would get intensity 31 (the maximum).
    Lamps would then emit above 21 at max brightness, I’d say. (These values are not yet fixed, at all, I’m just trying to imagine some plausible ones).
    Also, if spawn rate wasn’t dependant on light value, torches could be made darker instead (maybe only in percepted brightness, that means shifting the mapping around), as having dimly lit to dark mines seemes far more realistic to me.
    The previously mentioned shift of mapping of value to percepted brightness would probably be required anyways, because one will have to fill the new upper range with something.
    I currently don’t know how sunlight could be made to appear much brighter. In other games, I have seen some form of bloom shaders in deserts, which gave the sand an orange glow, which looked rather weird, so adding them is supposedly not the right thing to do. The only different approach which came to my mind would be just increasing the brightness of the displayed texture, which also won’t look that appealing, I think (adding a bit of white could work, nevertheless).
    *(in the current map format, the extra bit unfortunately can’t be shaved off anywhere, as far as I can tell, so it will need eight anyways)

    There is another idea that came to my mind:
    Some machine that drives a spike made from some metals into a normal melon on rightclick or redstone activation.
    It could look similar to a piston, with the spike instead of the piston head, just to get an idea.
    This way, one could directly use his melon field to power his base and there would also be no crafting issues. :)
    (Depleted melons would disappear / could be removed by pistons)

    Edit: Obviously, the energy would be emitted from the machine’s block.

    Everytime somebody mentions the limitation MC imposes on lighting by restricting the number of brightness values to 16, I ask myself why it is not possible to implement something more.
    Granted, this would require to update the worlds, but only one single time. (As far as the wiki's page on the level format is concerned)

    The algorithm with exponential decrease used now ( should probably be kept, although some tweaking of the constants referring to light levels will be needed.
    Take 32 values, for example:
    Torches' value would be left at something around the one they have now, or maybe 17, but lava would be a bit brighter, maybe 20, and sunlight on a bright day in the desert could give a whopping light level of 32 :) . Luminators could then maybe deliver one upto 22.

    With MCForge ensuring consistent basefile modifications, this should be possible. Values given by non-aware mods could be auto-converted.

    Just dreaming of a better future,

    Could be a worthwhile addition to IC, I pretty much like it, although I fear that it could not meet my expectations.
    I can already imagine selling alginate-drinks on the beach :)

    Further explanation:
    When I read this post, the concept immediately seemed familiar to me.
    It really was, I just found some notice concerning some old thought and an idea concerning this topic dating a month back.
    Maybe, in a few months, I will start working on a mod for that, but by then don’t expect it to be written at all.
    That’s the reason for my doubt that it will meet my expectations
    because they are very high and the system I had in mind is rather complex, therefore maybe impossible in MC.

    Nice to see somebody suggesting what I already thought about and asked for in the old wiki (apparently the one who took them to this forum forgot about it or didn’t want it).
    I couldn’t be bothered to ask again, so I like your suggestion even more :)

    I would be happy with the original idea as well as with the last two ones (just for the record ;) )

    Couldn’t radiation be implemented using code from the potion-system?
    Being radiated would just be a state like what the result of drinking a potion (or getting bitten by a cave spider) is
    (I haven’t made one myself so far, so I don’t exactly know about its properties)

    Using this approach, it should be fairly easy to deal damage over time.

    Then, there would be only the problem of how to get radiated.
    I think that the air should deal radiation, while the ground should be radiated (and maybe make the air above it radiating)
    Radiation could (and should) also spread, but I fear that this could be a problem for the CPU. :S

    Scruffy: If they’ve finished charging up, why should they need Lapatron Crystals? :P
    Maybe the actual charging could be faster with more crystals, or it could take the energy directly out of them (as explanation), so once the laser is targeted and focused, range could be determined by their number.
    Just another idea, sounds better to me. (No wonder, guess who had it ;) )

    As far as I know, cooling is (or was in 0.90?) too strong rather than too weak, so I your reaktor was an equal-breeder, it should be a negative-breeder.
    On the other hand, I think Alblaka mentioned somewhere what caused the bug, which implies for me that he fixed it.
    Therefore, there’s only the risk of running too low, but not of overheating.

    Ah, I have already thought about creating a reactor-simulator, but I guess you were faster ;)

    Concerning the plating: I think Alblaka statet in his guide that plating will distribute “fair heat” and save the amount which they are not able to dissipate for the next reactor pulse.

    Alblaka: It could be fairly useful with cubic chunks – imagine mining down more than 2000 (or with the extended Version: down to y = -2^16 :D)

    There would just have to be a way for keeping all these chunks loaded – this could also come in handy for normal worlds, so the base 1000 blocks apart from yours keeps generating energy, for example. :)

    You don’t want to get my point on purpose, do you?

    My original post is still limited to high-tech machines. I used this limitation on purpose. Guess why? ;)

    In addition, there is finite liquids if one doesn’t like the water’s behaviour (I thought about using it, but currently, I’m not using any mods, so not that one (it doesn’t matter, why)).

    The creepers are an integral part of the gameplay; like zombies. A LHC, in contrast, tries to resemble a real machine, representing complex physical laws and processes. It just doesn’t feel right.

    The Stick: That’s why I limited my statement to “these high-tech machines” :P

    In addition, by now, everything I have built would have been – approximately, at least – possible in real life.
    Violations in high-tech are also, at least for me, far more disturbing than – for example – the possibility to chop down trees with your bare hands (partly because one will be using axes most of the time, I think).

    Yay, not being able to get a efficiency of five has disturbed me most with nuclear engineering :)
    Great suggestion!

    But, I think it should produce less heat than an uranium cell. Maybe one or two heat for each uranium cell?
    This would be more realistic, I suppose (if there are no balancing quantum-based issues ;) )

    I don’t really like the idea of another special ore, it’s just my personal dislike (I think there are far too many mods which only add ores and some “magic” abilities to be gained with them)
    I also don’t feel the need for it, since it’s possible to gain unlimited resources of nearly every item by other means, for example with the recycler and the matter generator.

    Well, mob spawning could be interesting, this doesn’t sound that bad (but on the other hand, with the current implementation, one could build a few big spawning grounds, this should give enough resources).

    Tree planting could be useful, especially with some type of auto-harvester. For the harvesting, Alblaka has already announced droids of some sort.
    Tree planting and harvesting is also provided by Minefactory (link), but the development seems to be halted.

    Hm, I forgot I had not finished this post, now I can’t remember what I wanted to write …

    After all, droids will come (I think), maybe they will be able to harvest automatically, tree planting would be nice (isn’t there another mod with which placing blocks with special dispensers is possible?), mob spawning and unobtanium are not really needed and I don’t think that they will be a worthwhile extension to the mod.
    Also, I, personally, don’t like the name of unobtanium, reminds me of some cheap RPG, maybe Metin.

    I already had a conversation with Alblaka regarding this issue over PM in the official Minecraft-Forum.

    As a result, I coded an assembler and -interpreter, which is now practically ready to use. It just needs some framework, but Alblaka offered me to make his assistants code it.

    The last message I sent him dates back to 2nd August, we didn’t talk about it since then, so I don’t know what his current opinion on this topic is.

    Alblaka: I think everything is implemented, if you’d like to get the code, I can give it to you. (But firstly, I will make a test run tomorrow, just to be sure) :)
    There is also no test-program for it, maybe I should write one and use this, instead of my self-written test-framework (it’s not that bad – it just doesn’t test jumps of any sort)

    Edit: Also, it came to my mind that I should maybe write some sort of documentation for the other users ;)


    I dont want to make cowdung. I want to make ammonia to blow shit up.


    Cool suggestion, I like it :)
    Why wouldn’t you use the already existing compressor? Too expensive? One instead of two would be ok, since 4000 Gibbl should be far enough.

    I’m also one of those who think that there should be no obvious violations of physics with these high-tech machines, so I’m against using this LHC or similar machines for generating antimatter (and getting more energy out of it afterwards)

    Something like combining matter with redstone and teleporting it would be better, in my opinion. (Redstone for the magic, could be omitted ;) )