[Bug?][PLEASE HELP][SMP]Ores Generate, but Crafting Doesn't Work!

  • Update: I am using IC2 v 1.97, or whatever the current is.
    I am trying to install IC2 on my server. I went ahead and made a completely new minecraft_server.jar and world file. I got on and went mining, and I was able to mine up :Uranium Ore: , :Copper Ore: , and :Tin Ore: ; and I was able to smelt it into :Copper Ingot: & :Tin Ingot: , and I was able to also craft an :Advanced Furnace: . But when I tried to craft other machines such as the :Trade-O-Mat: , I was disconnected. Because other things are working (such as the ores) shows that the mod is installed. Please help. This mod looks awesome, but so far I am more than frustrated.

    The Forge version I am using is the latest recommended build (
    I have nothing else installed on the client or server. Forge is no longer dependent on Modloader (nor ModloaderMp), so I assumed I didn't need it. (I also tried with Modloader, and it still didn't work). The mod runs absolutely fine in singleplayer with or without Modloader.

    I'm so sure what a crash log is, but this what was printed on my server (if there happens to be a spelling error, that is because my server has no desktop gui, just a terminal, so I can copy it electronically, I have to manually copy it):

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  • I think there might be an issue with any of the 'unmovable' (Pistons/RP2 frames won't move them) IC2 machines (Personal safe is one, the trade-o-mat is probably another) related to updates to the iEntityHandler interface in Forge. RichardG has already stated he was aware of the cause of the Personal Safe issue, and I presume that resolving it will also resolve this.

  • Short question, you are using the IC2 Config from your server on your client? It's maybe a ID conflict?!
    I always copy the config from my server to my client to get rid of that ;)

  • @ MJEvans
    So, should I delete the iEntityHandler file/files in the Forge files? Or should I rollback to an older Forge version?

    @ Legamir
    I have no other mods installed, so there shouldn't be any conflicts. Also, I haven't changed the ID's on the sevre nor the client.

  • As far as i know, forge assigns the IDs, but it doesn't transfer them to your client. So i guess it's possible that your client is using other IDs than your server.
    It would take you 30 seconds to try this out. Maybe it helps and if not, sorry :P

  • You obviously did something wrong, i suggest scraping the whole thing, start fresh with a new server.

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  • @ Legimar
    I deleted the IC2.cfg file and the cfg file in the world folder, and it reassigned the IDs andnow it works. For some reason the IDs were swapped! Thx! :thumbsup: