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    Ok, i tested it a bit further, to find the problem.

    Downloaded the world save from my server and started it in singleplayer. = Psyncs don't work.
    Created a new singleplayer world, created a mining age, set the psyncs up. = Psyncs work as they should.

    What the heck is causing this? Don't want to start a new world to be able to use the psyncs.

    So if this happens twice even while loading the areas, it's ok?

    Checked the forgemodloader log on my server and found this ->


    2013-11-03 15:24:03 [WARNING] [IC2] EnergyNet.addTileEntity: makmods.levelstorage.tileentity.TileEntityWirelessPowerSynchronizer@3d3759a2 (makmods.levelstorage.tileentity.TileEntityWirelessPowerSynchronizer@3d3759a2) was added too early, postponing

    @how frequency cards work:
    They are related to Wireless Conductors. You basically rightclick an empty frequency card on a wireless conductor and insert it into the other. (you need to click on a receiver and insert the frequency card you got into the transmitter)

    The wireless conductors work fine O.o and without problems cross dimensional.
    The wireless power synchronizer not!

    Problem with the conductors right now, how much EU/t can they transfer? It seems it's slow as heck?

    Don't know if that helps ->

    My server runs on forge
    Industrial Craft 2.0.287-experimental
    Levelstorage 1.1.1.-dev1

    Edit: Just tested it in a newly created singleplayer world. Transferring energy from the overworld to the nether is no problem O.o

    But why is it not working on my server environment?

    Got a question about the wireless energy transfer? Should it work accross dimension or is it intended that it only works if the sending and receiving part is in the same dimension?

    Tried to transfer energy to my mining age but i couldn't get it to work. The same setup works if everything is in the same dimension.

    As mentioned in the changelog, yes they are back :)

    The normal Solar Panel outputs 1EU/t.

    That mean the packets sent by the Solar Panel have the size of 1 EU.

    Insulated Copper Cable loses 0.2EU per Block traveled.
    That means in your case you lose 0.6EU and only 0.4EU reach the batbox. So not a single 1 EU packet reach the batbox.

    Use instead tin cable for solar wiring. EU can travel there 40 blocks without any loss.

    Very interesting mod.

    Make the Chunkloader consume EU (adds more balance if you have to keep it supplied with EU) based on the number of chunks he keeps loaded. Let him interact with redstone signals so he can be turned on or off via simple lever or via complex redstone / and or computer craft stuff.
    Any suggestion how much EU/t he should consume per chunk?