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    Link to story
    23 pages of sticky, tasty... Uhm.. wait...
    23 pages of fine, fantastic fantasy, written across 3 evenings/nights.
    Meant to be a short story, turned out to be a middle story :O I mean, it's > 10 pages.

    However, the probably best part of it, OMG, nothing in here!
    The story is free of any real mature content and actually even contains less violence then any of my recent storys. Which should probably make me reconsider why my other storys always tend up to be gory o.o

    Story struct is simple, except for the prologue it's chonologically ordered, though there are vast jumps between single chapters, ranging from hours to years. But it's always possible to figure out when's when. I hope...

  • I just read it, far better than most of the stories you end up spending $15 on :). A couple of minor spelling/grammar issues. Which were fine, I just had to find a way to shut off MS Word's spell checking code (reading text underlined in a multitude of colors is no fun).

    I could honestly see this story being sold, maybe in a collection of short stories (like Garth Nix's Across the Wall).

  • Instead of Ebooks, I'd rather put up an explicit Donate Button, "graphic editions" or get other authors together and attempt something like the humbleindiebundle or the indieroyale sales ;)


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    Now, I do have an explicit donation button on the main thread and I actually consider one enough... opposed to a few other artists/mod developers I don't see the need to spam my readers/users with donation buttons everywhere :O

    And ye, if I could find someone to actually draw those storys into comics, this would turn out awesome... The issue is, however, finding artists willingly to draw the countless pages ned to cover a x-pages text story ^^'

  • I'm sort of careful regarding the marketing of stories ^^' The last time I tried, I've wasted a 4-digit sum.
    Eventually I should try the Kindle route of selling stories, I think there are less costs for the publishment.

    Ouch, yeah I can't really see why there should be any costs regarding publishing to Kindles. You put it up on Amazon, they sell it and take a share of the cash you get the rest. Then again, since when have things been that simple?