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    Thing is, I and all my chums are having the exact same issue. However, there is ONE sound which does actually play, and that's the "wrooonk" sound of when a machine stops due to lack of power.

    SMP problem, perhaps?

    same for me and the guys on my server.

    Disregarding the fact that money is split like 20%/80% with 20% going to moddevs, and if you're using adblock (which is true for most of the users), you're losing like 5 seconds of your time without anyone earning anything.

    That is not correct. If you are using programms like adblock+ (firefox plugin) pictures are just not displayed, resulting in full revenue. Also states that the profit is shared 50%/50%. I still think that 5 bucks for every 1k klicks in this case is a lot of money, considering how many people might klick it on a voluntary basis.

    just my 2 cents.

    one might just use them like cacti. Anything that touches them / steps into an area of 1 or 2 blocks, recieves 1 heart of damage....


    I would still like the Option to use for IC. Just offer the Option to use it like Risugami. I myself don't want my bank data in ebays (paypals) hands, also I don't want to use my credit card online. As it stands I can't properly donate money online :/.
    Therefore I'd really love the option to waste 5 seconds of my life for every IC² Download I do - in the end that is atleast 2 cent beeing donated - for not really that much work on dev side. I guess, some more people would use theese links, just make it optional.


    I actually like SMNC and regularly play it. Once you get to a high skill level, matches really become fun and an alternative to Dota. Also as a true fan of TA and "owner" of a bunch of friends who won't play any game with outdated graphics -.- I really look forward to this game, since TA was and is the best rts game ever :P.

    What exactly do you dislike about SMNC except for the friggin annoying microtransactions?


    Instead of Ebooks, I'd rather put up an explicit Donate Button, "graphic editions" or get other authors together and attempt something like the humbleindiebundle or the indieroyale sales ;)


    Ill ignore the venting due to the fact that i believe that IC2 is being ran on full steam with the limited time constraints and budgeting (Remember, this is a mod, they arent getting paid)
    IC2 is a hobby for AL and the Dev's, im not gonna smash you guys for sharing your opinion but with only 1 and 4 post your opinion doesn't have much strength.

    Transfered to Real Life you just said:
    "Hey there little kid on the street. No you have no money and did not go to elections. Your voice has no right. No go and play in the dirt!"
    Seriously whats up with this community smashing anyone that has not a zillion posts in the spam section, or makes a trillion comments that go like "already suggested faggot!". One registeres to this forum to raise ones voice. And in a matter of fact every human, just as every players voice or opinion got the same basic rights and power. Just some douches believe in idolization and thus keep up parroting anything someone "big" or "known" has said.
    This crap here is almost disgusting and very very said to see if reminded that the good old internet culture of forum discussions is dying. Now go and think about what you just said!

    On Topic:
    I rather agree to KaneHeart. I am a server owner myself, an we are still on Ic 1.64, due to certain annoying bugs, or just due to incompatibility of some addons. You (as devs) might consider inviting some new people for the beta testing, maybe one/some that can provide a beta server. Often bugs that later become hotfixed were Smp only, and could have saved server owners alot of time if discovered beforehand. In any way, I think anyone here will agree that Industrial Craft is good work, and everyone is happy with what it provides.


    Bastion is an award winning Indie Game by supergiant games. Was even in the humble indie Bundle. Its a hack an Slash top view story focused thingy with a narrators voice and soundtrack everyone everywhere wants to make love to :D

    And indeed, the last scene wouldnt really make a difference from the rest without names : /


    I really liked the story. Especially the time jumps make it really moving and interesting while giving an idea, why the events are happening exactly like this. I had found it interesting if there were no names at all, atleast not for the protagonists. The first two chapters are really mysterious and somewhat even more interesting then the rest. Even though this may be due to my Bastion addiction, that tells the story exactly like this *gg*. In any way, good job!


    Strg + Z it is then. Or restoring the files via TuneUp Utilities or a similar program ;). In any way I bet the files were not overwritten but just the "link" on the harddrive where to find the data deleted. Thus the complete files will still be readable.
    Exception: If you use 4096 bit encryption or similar on your complete harddrive you may have lost any chance to restore them *gg* .