[REQUEST] very simple, small, safe breeder reactor

  • Ok, I just made my first reactor ever on tekkit and I have a ton of these depleted uranium cells that I want to recharge. I have 1 full uranium cell and 15 depleted isotope cells. I am looking for a reactor that has no additional chambers, and is very simple, and something I can do quickly and go mining without having to worry about there being a hole where my house was.

    -No additional chambers

  • You can use a bucket loop (CASUC) and get 8 cells recharged every 15 seconds, apart from it being quite small.

    Please tell me how you charge isotope cells in 15 seconds.

  • Please tell me how you charge isotope cells in 15 seconds.

    1. Build a reactor and a watercooling system for it (doesn't need to be powerful since reactor does not produce so much heat)
    2. Place uranium and depleted isotope cells.
    3. Turn reactor and cooling system on.
    4. Once cells are recharged (15 or 20 seconds), stop the reactor and cooling system and remove the re enriched cells (can't replace cells while reactor is on!). If you have more depleted cells you can put them into it at this point.
    5. Repeat the process, first time it takes a bit longer cause reactor isn't warmed up, on the second cycle, reactor starting temperature will be about 3800 so it will be even faster (bucket CASUC for breeder is a good idea since it always keeps reactor at 3800-4500 heat)

    On the picture below, it has 24 cells instead of 8 cause I used extra chambers, but it's the same principle for a reactor without them (oh and yes, that means 24 recharged cells every 15-25secs).

    Dunno why people dislike bucket CASUC reactors, some think it's cheating, but for me it's just taking advantage of what the game offers me (I use tekkit so it's all in one).

    You can make really good bucket CASUC reactors and you don't have to feed them anything (except uranium cells).

  • I think the cells take 15 or 20 seconds to recharge because he's playing in creative mode. In creative mode, a newly coined depleted isotope cell is generated in the almost completely charged state.

    At 9000 heat, in survival mode, you'll see his reactor takes half a cycle to recharge these things - just over an hour and a half.