IC 1.95B and moving ID Blocks

  • Here's an odd one. I am using Forge with IC 1.95B, loaded up fine, so I closed Minecraft, moved the block Ids for all the non-generated stuff (Left the ores and tree stuff in the 200s) up to the 400s and Minecraft loads fine, create a new world, and peek at NEI and see my machines are all now tiles that can't be placed in world. WTH? O.o I read that with Forge includes not only Modloader / Audiomod but the 4096 bug fix so this should be working in theory, what did I break? O.o

    Edit: Ok, updated to Forge and that fixed it. X( I went off of the version on Minecraft Forge which shows as the latest recommended build. Finally dug out the Jenkins link which shows as the latest recommended. So... Thanks guys! :D

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  • The forge versions before don't contain a working 4096 ID fix. If you want the fix I'd suggest going for (at least) as I'm running it with a bunch of mods including IC2 without problems.