Install IC² on my server

  • How to install IC² on a server?
    do i need bukkit or the normal minecraft server?
    or something else?
    i'm sorry but i absolutely don't know.
    the industrialcraft wiki says i have to put it in the mods folder after i installed forge and forge said i have to put the forge content into my minecraft.jar but i don't have a minecraft.jar

    so, PLEASE HELP ME !

  • If you want non-bukkit just download the server files for both minecraftforge and IC2, then install the forge to the server jar and drop the IC2 server file into the server's mods folder.

  • thanks a lot.
    now trying if it works

    ehhm. forge. ALL the files or only the class files? or the forgr folder? (v. server)

    Does somebody have a modded server i can download or know a webside where i can download it?

  • I can PM a link to you for a server jar if you haven't yet got it working. It'll take a few minutes to assemble, though.

  • Thanks, but no need anymore ;)