Project(previously SteelCraft). Read details inside!

  • Hi, I just saw your post on the Enderville server forums and as that server is shutting down I was looking for a similar modded server to join. I have been playing minecraft since beta 1.2 and modding it since beta 1.6.5 with all the mods in the OP apart from trains and zeppelins. I also use the Laser mod, Steve's Carts, Better Dungeons, Plasmacraft, Metallurgy, UE and ICBM amongst others.
    My IGN is: defiledtyrant
    I have a very capable mic for Skype.
    My building skills are not the best as I normally go for function and compactness over aesthetics in my builds. I do however have a fairly extensive knowledge of most of these mods and redstone mechanics.

  • Yes I can DZ. Read your application defiled. I will look into it more when I don't have a massive headache and am not half awake:)

  • The modded server project known as Steelcraft has now been renamed as Arcane Aerotech.
    For more information please go to and go to the modded section.
    Hope to see we see y'all there.

    Also- the whitelist has be removed, free to join and fully approved modpack :thumbup:
    suggestions welcome :)