Cant Craft Mixed Metal Ingots?!

  • am i the only one having troubles crafting mixed metal ingots?
    im playing SSP, with ic2 1.97
    i have compact solars, and nuclear control(has alarms etc...)
    EDIT: forge version is
    its not a block/item id conflict, and i dont think ANY other recipes are the same... help?
    EDIT: i AM using the bronze and tin from IC2 as all my ores are macerated, hence turning them into ic2 dusts then ingots. (picture of me trying to craft it....)

    theres no crashs but here is my console from MultiMC.

    i am aware there are "conflicts" stated in the log, but they dont really bother me as there not usable items ingame, so its all good(i think)

    also, i noticed theres talk of "mfe" in the log, so imma just list out what i got in the world as of the moment:
    -copper cables
    -2x insul gold cables
    -1 crafting table, and project table
    -1 iron furnace
    -1 macerater
    -1 compressor
    -1 electric furnace
    -1 extractor
    -1 geothermal generator.
    -1 redstone engine
    -1 wood pipe+chest
    -iron chests all over the place
    -rubber farms
    -apiary, centrifuge from forestry(this is next to the MFE, not positive if it will affect it tho...) and carpenter
    -electric engines 2x
    -distillation tower(from trains mod[not railcraft], just google it if you want to know what it is)
    -bed, portal to nether, jetpack, and the rest are just items.