Feed The Beast Insanity (v2) pics & world download

  • Been playing Feed the Beast Insane... Just finished the first set of feedings, so I thought I'd post some pics.
    For anyone that hasn't done this yet, it's definitely worth a look . (You'll need the modpack from that link to load the world download)

    World download (you should spawn on the platform, but if you end up in the spawn area, you'll need the Swiftwolf ring in the project table to get down without dying)

    Here's an overview of my platform. Yes, that's all red matter blocks. I think it ended up costing me north of 1 billion EMC to build that, but my EMC generation is somewhere past ludicrous into plaid territory at this point...

    Main shop/autocrafting area

    BuildCraft power plant, assembly table, and liquid processing area.

    Scrap & UUM production. Since flax seeds are only worth 4 EMC, I bleed them off of the darkroom output and use them to feed the recyclers.

    Darkroom (first main EMC production that I built) top & bottom. I'm splitting the .4sec signal to double the output. I'm also stealing bonemeal and condensing it to saplings, dirt, and wheat to make biomass for my power plant.

    The MooMolester. Six unfortunate cows, 5 deployers each. This whole thing generates just over 6k EMC/s. Unfortunately, I calculated that it would take over 14 hours at that rate to finish the stuff for Fires of Hell. Not acceptable!

    The final stage of my EMC production... I went trolling through the EE wiki EMC values looking for a solution to my EMC generation, and came up with this: A nuclear-powered blaze rod mill that produces over 110,000 EMC/s. There are 24 rotary macerators, each with 9 overclockers, for 10 blaze powder per second. Four get used to condense another 2 rods, which nets about 4600 EMC per macerator per second.

  • MooMolester.. nice
    When a couple friends and I did FTB SMP (before the beta.. I took a copy of Insane v1 and tweaked it a bit) the "server" we were on (hosted on my laptop, best processor there*) could only handle 5 mooshroom milkers at once before starting to seriously lag. Was odd, 5? just fine. 6? horrible lag to the tune of ~1fps for everyone. Completely vanished when the 6th was turned off.
    Ended up with 9 collector Mk3 solar flower to supplement.

  • i admire your work dude, but is the nuclear reactor part of your plan?

    You mean the unshielded living-dangerously CASUC one hanging out by the monument? Yeah, that was designed to give 100M EU in one run without going over 512EU/t relatively cheaply to complete that requirement.

    In fact, it worked so well that I built another one you can't see behind the shop building powering all of those macerators.