[Suggestion] Spray painter

  • I'd rather have one painter and 16 dyes at my inventory and switch dyes at my desire.

    This give me an idea: why have all this dyes/painters when we can use a tool that contain all the colors?
    Let's do something like THIS:

    The Spray Painter can be crafted in this way:

    - - -
    P S :Refined Iron:
    - :Empty Cell: -

    Where P is a Paiter, S is CF Sprayer.

    This alone do nothing and need to be charged with a Spray Painter Dyes Container that is crafted combining the 2 toner:

    1 2 3
    4 :Empty Cell: 5 --> Toner A
    6 7 8

    9 10 11
    12 :Empty Cell: 13 ---> Toner B
    14 15 16

    TA TB -
    - - - ----> SPDC
    - - -

    Where the number are the different dye colors.
    Put the Spray Painter and a SPDC together like the CF sprayer with CF pallet and u can have a Filled Spray Painter!
    The resulting Filled Spray Painter are used like a normal Painter BUT have 16 times the uses of a normal Painter AND pressing M button + RightClic will cycle from the 16 colors that u can use at your will until u have the uses avaiable.
    Simple, easy and convenient.

  • Quote

    Why not just 3 Colors for the Toner? You can make every Color out of Cyan, Yellow and Magenta. At least my crappy printer can do that.

    I don't think it will hurt much to find more dyes for painters.

  • I agree with the 3 color toner idea. 4 colors, tops.

    Tonor recipes :

    red dye surrounding a diamond, green dye surrounding a diamond, blue dye surrounding a diamond. Why a diamond? It's a bribe to pay the printer manufacturer...

  • Yeah, I find it good (the recipes seems ust to me to be strange but it can easily be changed). Containing a CF sprayer, it could maybe act as it for painting Construction Foam 13 by 13.


    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D