Apparent bug in IC2 on Tekkit

  • So, I've been playing Tekkit lately, so I decided to make the IC2 Automated miner and couple it with the IC2 Pump (yes, I made sure it's the IC2 pump, not the BuildCraft one). So, I connect the Miner and Pump to my many generators (I have it connected to a total of 13 Solar Panels, wich lead to a BatBox, and connected to the BatBox is a Geothermal Generator, in case of any shortage of sun, and the energy from the BatBox is being taken by 2x Ins. Gold Cables). So, the miner works fine for a while, then it stops, for it hit what I assume should be water. So, I make sure the pump is receiving energy and load it with empty cells. The bar in the pump fills up, and... Nothing. The Pump does absolutely nothing. It doesn't charge up the empty cells, if I remove the cable from it, the energy it has doesn't fade away, putting batteries in it does nothing, putting a single cell, does nothing, putting a full stack of them does nothing, putting batteries in it does nothing. My miner comes to a complete halt because of this. Now, I haven't checked down there yet, so it might not be lava or water it hit, but the pump is just going through half the pumping process and stopping. Please help.