[IC2 1.97] Sound shuts off

  • So yeah... example:
    I set up a Macerator and Furnace to work and go down my mine

    Now I get several errors in the log once i'm down far enough:

    1. Error in class 'SourceLWJGL OpenAL' Channel null in method 'stop'Error in class 'SourceLWJGL OpenAL' Channel null in method 'stop'

    After the last of those happening my MC sound is completely off, no footsteps, no monster noises, no interface sound etc
    Any idea how to fix this?

  • I got exact the same problem. Sometimes i can play for hours without any problems and then it suddenly stops playing all my sounds.
    Sometimes this bug occurs directly after login.

    I fixed it for now by disabling the IC² sound via config file.
    But i want my IC² sound back without this bug.

    Hope there is any workaround for this bug.

  • I'm having this same problem now. I'm betting it's IC2 just because I just recently added extra machines and solar panels. This only started happening when I have about 6-12 machines running at once and while I'm a good distance away.

    My current setup is 9 macerators, 9 electric furnaces stacked 3 high and next to each other. They are getting power from bat boxes above which get their power from solar panels. Whenever I got to my animal farm or the village nearby the sound just randomly cuts off. I don't know if it's too many sounds running at once or if it's something else.

    I'm going to try increase the "soundSourceLimit" but if that doesn't work I'll just disable IC2 sounds for now until this fix.