This has gone on long enough!

  • I am sick of this shit.
    The relenless discrimination of technic.
    Can we just fucking stop with everyone going "RAGERAGERAGETECHNIC'SGAYITSTOLEMODSRAGERAGERAGE", I find that this constant flaming and insults being lobbed all over the place child-ish and it is drawing enjoyment out from the fourms.I keep seing people being viciously attacked just because they mention or use thechnic.
    Let me get to the heart of the matter:
    Yes, Technic used the mods in it without permission. But the mod devs have given technic their permission, and when people donate to technic it gives the modders the money. People are being excessively cruel to technic users who got it for ease-of-installation, for people to set up their own modded servers far easier and letting others on without sending them searching all over the net to get 20 mods needed to play on a server. I saw a post earlier stating that "No technic user has over 100 IQ" Prove it then. People aren't seeing idividuals, They're seing "Stupiddumbasstechnicusers"
    Technic also introduced heaps of people to the mods in technic, without that, alot of the mods would be a hell of a lot less known. I don't blame Sirsignr for what he did, yet, did he have to attack the technic users instead of hitting technic itself?
    This is a problem that only gets worse as people keep raging and debating on both sides of the conflict. It's ruining a whole community. And really, the only people who have a right to complain are the developers themselves, so why are you bitching about it?

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  • IKR i use a self installed group of mods on ssp, but when i want to play on a server? tekkit. why? each server would have its own 5 hour install full of frustration otherwise.
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