First Mark I-O is runing

  • I have to much fun witch IC2 so I wish to say thank
    you to the mod' creators and
    show my little power
    So I would like to present my
    first reactor made upon 2 additional mods and they are RedPower2 and
    Buildcraft. From RP2 I needed bundled cable feature mostly for deliver multi
    to the core. Pipes from BC looks very useful to deliver some cooling stuff to the
    reactor, but I don't have enough time to lay it yet.
    Of course I will upgrade this soon to the more performance design,
    but I need to build good clock with auto switch on/off feature for
    at more risky reactor'

    Ok, lets see:


    First I wont to use 6 chambers but when I figured
    out it isn't possible to connect redstone signal (for control) throughout to the
    chamber and the reactor will react only when it is connected directly then I have
    to change plans to use 5 chambers. The area is covered by 3 depth reinforced
    stone wall in cube 13x13x13 minus 7x7x7 inside area (for more space for my
    visits inside) and its gives over 1800 blocks total (if I made to risky
    configuration of reactor it should help don't to loose too much).

    There is some wiring stuff around reactor, the
    switch ON signal comes from control room by green wire, here it is passing
    around reactor at 2 wooden blocks and the signal is backing to the control room
    throughout red wire for signalize status of reactor. If the reactor will get 300
    heat its possibility to burn out wooden blocks and break switch ON circuit witch
    is resulting turn on redstone torch automatically (it is OFF when reactor is
    allowed to work). This same circuit is switching flooding the reactor and I
    will replace it by pipes witch cooling stuff for not so far future.

    There is my first control room to get fun witch it.
    From left is: switch on/off lever and status lamp (from RedPower 2) to signalize
    my choice, heat safety lamp, connecting power lever to allow send reactor'
    power to the main network, lamp for power' flowing status, and last one is
    alert switching on automatically when it is time to replace uranium on the
    reactor (when reactor isn't produce any power) witch small buzzer

    and 12 MFSU batteries connected to serial link
    (crafting it was my hard pain cuz they are a little to expensive at my villager'
    develop). Lamps are shining on green when they are full (10M EU each) except
    first one who has blue color for signalize all battery pack are charging (it is
    blinking very nice all the time) and thanks to it is first on the row then it
    give back all power to the last one on the packet and will turn off as last one
    - if so, it is resulting to stop the reactor for prevent waste

    ... and I really enjoy building this
    all :)

  • Heres another reactor design. I modified yours and made it a little bit cheaper its a Mark 1-O you can use 1 less chamber but if you do it will become a Mark 2-12. however to autorefill your gonna need to put buckets in the empty slots. I'm not particularly good at designing reactors so if you haven't check out the list of good reactor designs if none of those suit your needs then ask someone here. Glad your having fun with your brandy new reactor. keep up the industrialism.



    That's a rather cool idea, but a lone tree is suspicious, better plant some more. So really... forget about solar-flowers, solar-trees are the next generation :P

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  • Thanks. Yes, I've seen almost all designs from the famous list, and I like yours too. I know there are much better designs than I've setup right now, but for now the configuration than is providing 70 EU/t (output is ~65-67 EU/t) gives me astonish quantity of power than I can't consume (packet of batteries get charged 50M EU when I checked it last time). I like Mark I-O reactor because these can be trusted, these are idiot/mistake- proof and these can produce energy all the time without any break (easy to evaluation power balance on power' network). After I study some of reactor designs and I made some experimental design I noticed than it is not important how many active EU/t a reactor has but most important is how good its effective EU/t is, or otherwise most of power (or time) will be wasted. For me there is no point to build the reactor who has big theoretical output but its effective is poor or it need operator' presence who have to stay over it almost all the time and guarding it, permanently not with good clock...

    Additionally, when I've designed this one reactor I needed one more thing: it should not blow up when I put cell on wrong slot and gone away to other tasks. For example I may be hurry to go somewhere or a mob may to chase me maybe - easy to done accident. Therefore I left 4 empty slots on the center of reactor for uranium, but I need to remember than the reactor working on 3 cells only, its no matter in which holes I am putting new cells ;) And some excess chambers are investment for future onto full size reactor who allows switch the configuration for better and better ones easily without opening new construction site for bigger reactor.

    Ok, I like this part of MC where I can gather, process and store resources for projects whom I wish to build someday and it is time to use some energy for this industrialism now. I seen some YT stuff where ppl shows up how quarry (Buildcraft) is working, but I don't like how its looks like and how its works, therefore I decided to use the Miner machine from IC only, but with small config file modification for mine more type of blocks (vanilla, IC ores, RedPower ores) than it is working as quarry very well (and it has more sense to me):


    valuableOres=1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1, 12:1, 13:1, 14:4, 15:3, 16:3, 19:1, 21:3, 24:2, 48:2, 49:3, 52:4, 56:5, 73:3, 82:2, 87:1, 88:1, 89:3, 129:3, 249:3, 248:3, 247:4, 140:4, 140-1:4, 140-2:4, 140-3:4, 140-4:2, 140-5:2, 140-6:4, 140-7:3, 198:4, 247:4, 248:2, 249:2

    Thanks to BCIC2Crossover mod its possible to use IC' energy on electrical engines and these can support blocks transfer through pipes, and its really grate invention.

  • Yeah Mark 1-0s in my oppinion are the best and you've got it right there on effective output however efficiency out of all three is most important because it determines how much uranium you go through which has a direct effect on long term eu output. and you did a really good job on efficiency. Yes you do have a point with the building bigger reactors. You do eventually wanna bump that up to 6 chambers and get 4 uran cells ina square. there are probably some designs that already do that but i think they would be like Mark 3s or 2s or you know 4 and 5s. Also are you using google translate?


    That's a rather cool idea, but a lone tree is suspicious, better plant some more. So really... forget about solar-flowers, solar-trees are the next generation :P

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    *looks at Reactor* Hmm, its a Mark-I-O? Then why is there so much RF-Stone? One Layer of RF-Stone + your RF-Glass are enough to prevent damage.

    But your Basecontrols for the Reactor are looking good.

    And you have Redpower so the most efficient is my CASUC-Reactor.

  • I was a little busy last few weeks, so I may sorry for answer delay. As I told the reason for building full scale and secure reactor's infrastructure was an idea to make any future upgrades easy to deployment. There was obviously for me than I don't stay with I-0 setup for eternity :p

    Meantime I placed some more Mining IC2' machines on vicinity and I connected them by pipes (BC) to the new facility for processing resources to come from quarry. Any ores has been gathered by quarry are separating from other blocks and are transferring to the autonomous units for storage (queue in chest), next these ores going to flake (macerators), and to smelt onto furnaces of course. At the final stage, metal bars are transferring into desired places for storage, and these materials are ready for any use I will needed.

    And it was really helpful except than a problem was appeared. As I've predicted, I need more energy from nuclear plant for running these infrastructure simultaneously. 70 EU/t is good for limited time, so I desire to setup the reactor for better capability, and I imagine about something like these (my new design):


    On the grounds reason than I am using fiber cables mostly at my energy network, I wish don't to excess 512 EU/t yet, and new setup should be ready for running soon. This setup is SUC and it demand good supply with ice for safe running: over 1.1 ice blocks per one second. And every excess ice supply makes the reactor safe and more effective, so coolant infrastructure must be building really accurately. I thought some time about a clock for shunting down the reactor (with RedPower is easy to make), but I realize fact that for SUC reactor a clock it is art for art only, because reactors needs to be cooling all the time not stopping for breaks - so, I dropped clock's idea fast for more durable solution.

    There is ice production facility who has 4 independent lines.

    Every one line has 3 water pumps supporting one snow compressor running with 2 transformer upgrades (512 EU/t) and 4 overclocker upgrades. For reason these pumps has been placed adjoin to the compressor then any empty cells (for make water cells) aren't necessary at all. Next, a snow balls are going to the other compressor for make ice and this compressor has 2 transformer upgrades and even 5 overclocker upgrades as well. Of course everything is connected by pipes (BC) supported by small electric engines (BC-IC2 Crossover Mod) for flows coolant stuff automatically. Average ice production is 3 ice blocks per one second and it fully covering reactors coolant with small surplus, makes the reactor's productivity at 435 EU/t.

    This factory is producing ice for one ice hub (chest)

    witch NO batteries storing energy for compressors (batteries are for pumps and engines only, supporting by separate 32 EU line) and this facility can be turn OFF automatically when the hub has no space for storing more ice (by splitter). Facility is full autonomous and don't need any manual control. It is switching on when coolant is necessary.

    When you looks at my design (first link) you may be wrong to understand real compatibility of reactor setup. The design has predicting minimal coolant stuff necessary to run it as I like, at infinite cycles, and therefore makes its effective 310 EU/t only. BUT, with 3 ice blocks per seconds this same setup is working like this:


    It has almost 430 EU/t brutto when it is properly cooled. But it is only one question about how much energy will be draw for make ice, and how many energy will left for use. There is no point for building a reactor whose production goes for cooling itself only (pain with SUC). I will answer. Average energy demand for running coolant facility (includes engines) is 165 EU/t makes reactor's production at 430E/t and gives 275 EU/t netto for real usage. 10k ticks multiply by 275 EU/t makes 27.5M EU netto at full cycle - should be enough for some time :p

    And let's talk about reactor's safety a bit. I implemented one really simple and effective solutions for stop reactor when something will goes wrong.

    First, my Command and Control room don't changes too much. I like turn ON reactor and forget about it until it has full cycle done and new uranium cell is needed. Then buzzer is calling me to come and to prepare new cycle.

    There is security as I mention. On screenshot, at right you can see first circuit. When reactor is turn on (by turn off redstone torch close by to the reactor) than the switch ON signal is passing throughout AND gate with 3 inputs:
    - Reactor ON (switch)
    - Some ice inside specific chest IS PRESENT
    - Battery pack HAS SPACE for store energy
    and then the output from AND gate controls the reactor (green cable).

    Additional is (at left) a other AND gate:
    - Reactor ON
    - Some ice inside specific chest IS NOT PRESENT (just it is empty in other worlds)
    - Reactor ON signal is NOT BACKing from reactor area (after it has been passed throughout wood blocks close by the reactor (red cable) 300 heat security
    The purpose of this is notify me than coolant performance is too small and reactor can heat up badly, but has been turned off already by first AND gate (or by breaking turn ON signal by heat).

    Other important thing is coolant injector solutions, and is working like this:
    - When is some space into reactor's inventory than iron-AND gate is sending red signal to the next iron-AND gate who is placed over supply chest where is ice supply hub
    - when red signal from previous gate is ON and supply chest has items onto its inventory then this gate is sending redstone signal (to the reactor's security circuit also)
    - this signal is switching a timer who is forming a pulse every 4 seconds
    - pulse is catching by repeater who is sending redstone signal during 64 ticks time delay

    This everything is for deliver redstone signal to an engine (powered by IC' energy) who should works for specific time frame and should draw only some of ice blocks (up to 32 ice blocks at 64 ticks engine' job) at one time. Over injecting line there are 3 additionally iron pipes for fast control ice traffic. Without this all, the ice had been overfilled reactor inventory very fast does dead losses and ice wasted by dropping these blocks over reactor. As I had noticed when a stack of blocks onto pipes are spotting an inventory with some space, then a stack can be stored as whole stack only, not partial (it will be lost completely). So, is important to form small stacks. Iron pipes can control traffic and bounce blocks/stacks which can not be placed to the reactor's inventory right now, but a stack has been send and is onto pipes already, therefore bouncing them back to the hub is really necessary.

    The reason why this is stopped right now is

    Fully charged battery pack with 120M EU waiting for...

    processing :)