[IC2 modding] How do I make a block like an MFSU?

  • I'm making an add on for Tekkit that includes a block called a QSU, which is basically an MFSU with upgradable energy storage. I can't seem to figure out how I can make the block using the IC2Api. I decompiled the IC2 code to try and learn how, but I would need to import a lot of stuff from it to make the block like TileEntityElectricMFSU. Does anyone know of a good tutorial on doing this or another method? I couldn't find anything on google.

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    First off: Do not try to use decompiled IC²-Code, use the API, its more than enough for that purpose.

    If you know how to make a normal TileEntity (like a Furnace), then you can just implement the needed Stuff, the Comments in the API are very helpfull.

    Tutorials are pretty much nonexistent, as not much people Code stuff and release its Source.

    I'm actually trying to figure out myself, how the BlockMultiID works, to code my own better Version of it. (without the BukkitTextureBug inside it. Yes you heared right the Bug is there!)

  • Check this thread.

    It seems to be the only recent addon that includes an energy storage block.
    [Addon 1.81]Wireless EU Storage

    Just strip out the code that you don't want, such as the sharing of energy wirelessly. Make sure to give lots of credit to the creator if you end up using any of his code.

    Edit: His disclaimer also says to get permission. However, it appears that the addon has been scrapped, as there hasn't been a recent update. I would try contacting him on the MCF, as he checks his messages there every few days. (In my experience, he messaged my back a few days after I questioned him about his Custom EMC addon).

  • Thank you! The source code is helping, and I'm making my own code now. I never copy someone else's code, as a general rule of thumb. Most programmers (note, I did say "most") aren't low enough to steal someone's code without permission. If you learn from someone else's code (like with my situation) and write your own code afterwards, without Copy, Cut and Paste, there is no reason to say "___ stole my code! Lawsuit!"

  • No problem. Can't wait to so what you come up with. Maybe once you get everything working you could post a tutorial explaining how it works, code - wise.