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    So, yet another bug report that I'm still trying to nail down the source on. At least this time I remembered to update the involved mods before shooting my mouth off.

    Using Railcraft latest and Gregtech latest, the creosote oil produced in the coke ovens (which I assume is GT / IC2, judging by the sort of brownish color) refuses to be put into buckets, and when spawned, or pumped, in cannot be burned in a Railcraft Liquid Fuel Boiler. Further, Railcraft creosote oil also cannot be burned in a boiler, and when spawned in, placed in the world, and then picked back up, turns into water. I also tried telling Railcraft not to define Creosote Oil, but that just resulted in a crash. Also, turning off Gregtech Unification for Cresote cells didn't work, and I don't see any other entire in Unification.cfg.

    I'm posting this here, and then cross-posting a similar bug report over to the RailCraft github in a few hours. Not sure who's side this is on, if it is on either Gregtech or Railcraft.

    As per FTB Policy, I am intending on using Fastcraft in a modpack, Industrial Rotation, that I am currently in the process of testing. I will ensure that Fastcraft is kept up to date within at least three weeks of the latest stable release. An announcement has been placed in the modpack description alerting players that Fastcraft is installed, and linking to this thread.

    Thats an old problem. Go into the the Unification.cfg, find the rotarycraft section and change B:ingotHSLA_false=false into B:ingotHSLA_false=true.

    Thats an old problem. Go into the the Unification.cfg, find the rotarycraft section and change B:ingotHSLA_false=false into B:ingotHSLA_false=true.

    Yep, just found the config and figured out how to do it. Any chance that this can be made a default setting if RotaryCraft / Reika's mods are detected? There's no reason to have the HSLA unified, especially if it renders it unusable with any other parts of RC. Also, nice work on the updating. It's playing really well.

    Evening everyone. Got a few bug reports that I assume are Gregtech related, but I can't entirely be sure. The log isn't being incredibly helpful.

    1: Attempting to load GT with a small list of mods (Railcraft, anything CoFH) causes a Forge "backup level.dat is being used" message. Further, NEI will refuse to display, but WAILA still loads. So NEI appears to be loading, but then gets screwed up somewhere along the line.

    2: This is either a bug, or me only having used GT prior to the bronze machines, but the Steam Alloy Smelter absolutely refuses to work. I've checked the steam exhaust side, and used the debug tpol to make sure that it has plenty of steam, but the darn thing refuses to even try to smelt.

    3: In somewhat of a similar vein,wrenching the steam machines to change their exhaust side causes a visible change, but the machines will still not run if the original location of the steam vent is covered.

    4: I'm really not sure if this is a GT bug, but the builder's guide from Extra Utilities doesn't show the ghost blocks in my pack. I'm still playing the remove and emplacement game with my mods to isolate the problem. My guess is that it's Gregtech because another instance I have is working fine, with a similar model is. The only major differences are Gregtech and a couple ThaumCraft add-ons.

    I'm typing on my phone, so I can't give you all version numbers, but I'll update tomorrow once I can.

    For the love of all that is good and holy, no new ores without a darn good reason. Any more ores, ore mineable crap, and my world is going to have more ores than smooth stone in it. Our sorting systems are cluttered enough. What would be the use for titanium? We already have advanced alloy for all your high-tech needs.

    -1 for reasons stated above. Also, thank you Direwolf, there is currently a frame bomber arms race going on in my server. I've had to move my base to an undisclosed location, underground, with reinforced stone cap.Thanks for that.

    It becomes annoying to read. Each idea having its own thread (With a fucking clear to read title) makes it easier for the Devs to check ideas, especially the ones they find interesting/might work out with the theme of the mod.

    Or to find the ones you want to char-broil the most. So many suggestions, so little time.

    I quite like what the landscape looks like after a battle with lasers. It also provides some balance. You don't want to use mining lasers around your base, or else you end up fixing quite a few holes.

    I once suggested Uranium Battery: stackable, provides 1 EU/t each in stack, eternal. Made from Uranium and Iridium.

    And what in the name of the dragon lord does that have to do with this suggestion? Uranium batteries have been denied so many times it is almost as bad as the god forsaken lightning rod.

    Anyways, I quite like the idea for testing, but it feels more like addon material. Or a config option like forestry's imprinter.

    Ewww. Mac.

    You could always build a two block thick wall using full blocks and not microblocks. Oe you could wait till facades come out. Rumor has it that they'll work on blocks from outside vanilla and forestry.

    If i would've done this with my non-mobile CASUC, then it could've went BOOM two times, due to a small lack of Blutricity, which happened after i connected a large Blutricityconsumer (Pump) to the Network. Guess what happens, if you put Framemotors into the same Blutricitynetwork, as the Retrievers.

    Just a simple issue of making sure that the retrievers have their own Blutricity net. If it's on a frame ship, that shouldn't be too hard. I generally try to make sure that most high power devices have their own power network, just to try and make my life a little less complicated when I'm trying to figure out why something isn't working. IC2 I like centralization, RP2 I tend to de-centralize.

    I'm assuming the crater is due to a previous design that didn't go so well. So, you have filters pulling the buckets out of the deployers. Why not use retrievers to pull the empty buckets out of the reactor? It might save a little bit of space and wiring. May also prevent some jams.

    Personally I found BC machines to be more user friendly when I started getting into mods. I guess user friendly is the wrong term. More approachable. You stick an engine under a pipe, and items get pulled out, connect pipe to other object, and items go in. Items go into diamond pipe and go out where you told them to. Redpower has these weird sorting machines that require painted routes, and for the love of god, would a tool tip with just the name of different modes or colors be too much to ask for? I can't count the number of times that I screwed up a sorting system because I could tell between grey and dark grey.

    Don't get me wrong, I adore RP2, and the only reasons I have buildcraft are logistics pipes and forestry. Once you get the hang of it, RP2 is much more powerful a tool than buildcraft, its just harder to learn, in my opinion. Though, the "lets drop all the items on the ground" thing is infuriating. And yes, I have logistics pipes because I'm lazy and forget to craft more humus for my tree farm.

    Well, honnestly I'd rather see more HAYO features than a cherry tree, but I guess it wouldn't hurt. Well, it might increase the block IDs, but with 4096 bein part of MCF, I don't think It's as much of an issue anymore.