[Suggestion] Please, Gods, fix the cropnalyzer...

  • of all my IC tools - I hate the agricultural Tricorder with a peculiar passion.

    It needs internal EU storage. I don't care if I have to make it with energy crystals; if a mining laser can store a metric shiteload of EU then surely an agricultural Tricorder can too.
    The only time I should see a battery these days is when I'm using one as a crafting ingredient for something else.

    Also, why do I need to scan the same seeds 4 times? If I can build a working Teleporter then surely an agricultural Tricorder can analyze a bag of seeds in a single pass...

    just a thought.

    "Why is that unhappy green pe*is running towards you?" - Minecraft first impressions live long.

  • You can make the cropnalyzer accept lapotron crystals in the config file. (atleast energy crystals work on my server)

    Agree on the scanning part. I've never not put a seed in four times.
    While I can understand that some hurdles are there by design, this is just an annoyance with no actual value for the game experience.

    Wasn't there talk about a stationary cropnalyzer in the works? I'm pretty sure of it.