Quantumn boots

  • If you are on a server and you jump with the Quantumn boots, you sometimes get hurt but no health goes off, are there any mods so you can completely ignore all fall damage when wearing quantumn armour? Because this bug can be annoying as hell.

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    Not possible yet. You're free to join our 'poke-Lex' petition.
    We need Forge to modify the damageEntity method, ruling out the hurt-animation if no damage is taken.

  • More to the point, is Lex even going to release any new 1.2.5 Forge versions? On a somewhat unrelated note, this isn't the only bug - try using a RP2 deployer to place blocks on Forge 171 (actually, any version of Forge from 153 upwards). Every time I tried it, the block got placed one block below where it should have been - it's more apparent when you have the deployer sideways.

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