Most scrap per lag?

  • Lag isn't caused by whatever you manage to stove inside that recycler.
    Lag is created by the way you design your machine, by how intensive their CPU usage is.
    Cobblegens take CPU cycles because water/lava streams need to be calculated.
    Crops/farmables take CPU cycles over a longer course because their growth needs to be calculated.
    It really doesn't matter which way you do it.
    The biggest issue is the fact that most of the guys that make cobblegens aren't satisfied with 1 cobble/s and instead behave like MOAAR and build 256 cobble/s generators.
    There are other, less intensive ways to create scrap. Like the cobble slabs, requiring you to grind less cobble in total.
    I used excess ice from the Ice powerplant.

    Just think of something that doesn't involve a lot of block updates (water/lava/breaking blocks/etc).

    Imo, 1c/s to 6c/s generators don't cause a lot of lag, just make sure to set an auto-shutoff with a few chests as buffers.
    Greg's tutorial could be of help, it's in his sig which you can see pop up any moment from now.


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    Your best choice could be the Microblocks of Redpower, as you can create 16 Blocks out of one Cobble with just 5 uses of the Diamondhandsaw. If you have Buildcrash installed then you can use Cobblestonepipes as Scrapsource as 8 of them are created with 3 Cobble (with one Maceration and one Smeltingprocess for the Glass). But i would prefer Slabs as they just double the amount of Scrapsources.

  • Currently I'm using Thermal Expansion cobble gens (^v Igneous Extruder). It is machine, which gives you one cobble per 2,5 s. It may seem OP, but after building 20 different cobble gens there are really more fun things to do, than construct another one (and I don't think, that with 12 non-overclocked recyclers for scrapboxes I'm overusing TE). However I would feel more comfortable, if it would take diamond block in recipe, 2 MJ/t, or consume lava. On the other hand RP2 machines are really cheap and cobble gen is not the most complicated thing to make. If you are bored with making cobble gens, use TE.

  • Personally I would edit the recipes of TE to make it more expensive.
    But yes, the igneous extruder is far more efficient at generating cobble.


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  • Ice and glass use eu. One block of ice is 800eu. If you make scrap from ice, each scrap costs you nearly 20 as much.
    Glass is one macerating and one smelting, for 1008 eu total. But it gives you 8 pieces of junk, so it is about 130 per raw.
    So far slabs seems to be best options.

    Other way to reduce lag is, probably, make transportation more effective. For example, feed junk directly to (overclocked) recyclers, so you can only transport stacks of scrap.