This out does the Nuke I beleive.

  • Presenting the Mega Mobile Laser Cutter by Raider Industries Heavy (RI Heavy)

    I think I would use an MCBans blacklist for this.

    A Rock Raider trained as an Engineer, among other things.

  • I am considering making an API of my own when I actually have the chance to that will allow me to code mods in POV-Ray SDL, which I am much more familiar with. That will also allow me to use LDraw to make the models, but as of right now, there is no mod with the MMLC.

    Twig, LDD is Lego Digital Designer, but I did not make this model in it. I used LDraw's main CAD program, MLCAD, to make it. MLCAD also allows me to make parts as well, which will come in very handy.

    But you do agree, this would be much more Hayoish than anything currently in IC2.

    A Rock Raider trained as an Engineer, among other things.

  • Why don't you try to export the model into a more suitable file. (.max, .obj, whatever.)
    Wavefront object files can be used with java without many issues.
    I'm pretty sure there are MAXscripts or external scripts that allow you to convert those files.


    Buildcraft – spilling items.™

  • ComputerCraft turtles outdo everything. They can byrrow in ground, and resurface anywhere. Nothing can stop them, except bedrock or wprldguard.

    This would take out six obsidian per tick (three per laser times two lasers), which amounts to 120 obsidian blocks every second. Extrapolating this to ordinary stone, you could blast a hole straight to the chunkload Optifine far load boundary on far render distance in less than five seconds, probably less than two. You still think that Turtles would be more powerful, even in ridiculous numbers?

    Richard MC does support circles, it is just that very few have used it. The API would translate the meshes and CSG objects into OpenGL and the logic structures into their Java equivalent.

    A Rock Raider trained as an Engineer, among other things.