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    Raider: Lupus, get your history straight. Minecraftia came after Earth.

    Lupus: Sorry, dad.

    Raider looks at a calendar. The date is January 18, 3084.

    T10a: Wait, so Earth is older?

    Raider: Yes. The world you are used was reformed into what it is today in the 26th century. Now it is the thirty-first century.

    AIV Medic 1: We have someone who's gone mad. Their matrix ID is chaoschamp.

    Lupus: Bring him in before something bad happens.

    The TMLC U-M (Tracked Mobile Laser Cutter Utility-Medic) telemounts (teleports on top and makes physical contact) Chaos and brings the insane ogranic back.

    Raider: Where's T10?

    Chief: Good Question, but I am not the one to as. . .

    AIV Treader: Captured. Recover?

    Raider: Please do so. Now answer the question: Where is T10?

    AIV Treader teleports and brings T10a to the hold: Here.

    Raider: How did you find him, oh.

    A fake spambot controlled by AIV Tracker appears.

    Raider turns back to T10a: Well, it looks like we will have to take him back to Earth away from this mess and out of range for the respawn system so he can't be pulled back in and screwed with further. Hope he does not mind things looking round <looks around> because there are a lot of round things here and there.

    AIV AT-2 (through avatar unit): Ten percent of the spambots are using Keep It Simple Stupid firewalls, making it impossible to break though, sir.

    Wolf: What is that, twenty million?

    Raider: Twenty million, three hundred forty thousand, one hundred and six.

    Wolf: F***. Don't tell me this means we're going in.

    Raider: Unless the AIV teams can deal with it, yes, we are going in properly this time.

    Wolf: S***.

    Raider: Get AIV's Grim Reaper, Darth Tanker, Dark Gunner, Black Panther, Midnight, Twilight, Caterpillar, Tracker, Treader, and what's its name, Trekker onto (AI)OV-382, 345, 378, 392, and 356. The Laser Cutters are to laze targets for the battleships and Assault Tanks. It looks like Wasmic needs another bailout. OV-393, you are charged with that and guiding the other units in. Am, Double F, Resq, Res, (The shorthandles for the four AIV spaceborne battleships), set you beamwidths to ten -- ex -- min and hit the designated targets. Let the destruction commence!

    I kind of think that this cheapens the idea of teleporters, they teleport you from point A to point B, and they cost 2 teleporters and 2 MFSUs per linked teleporter pair, with this idea you could set up one way teleport systems between one central teleporter with one MFSU and then all it would cost you is the cost of a teleporter to get from point A to point B, point C, and point D as well. Also, private machines are more Forestry and Buildcraft territory, but I could potentially see that maybe working.

    Have you considered trying to link 20 different outposts to a central location? Having to have 20 units in the same location would get VERY cumbersome and resource intensive.

    Looks like people are making accounts manually, making relevant posts, then try to sell something or use the signature as the advertisement. One could argue that I (and many others here) do something similar, but in a more subtle manner by post Steam stats, using MC based avatars, referencing certain objects in topics where they belong, ect. If some one did this, they could get away with it.

    (The AIV Cyber Warfare Team breaches all of the firewalls used by the spambots and their controller units. Armored Truck One, the unit designated as the controller, acts on the standing attack order, triggering a cyberattack on a scale not seen for centuries involving the full processing and networking power of the four Americas, trashing the hardware drivers of all of the spambots and the computers used by businesses that operate them, rendering them next to useless. This leads to a major economic disaster.)

    Well, one thing that could be added without any controversy is that failed machine removals should output a packet of the remaining EU should be transmitted to the player and the grid it is connected to if it is connected to one. That means if you are not wearing the proper forms of armor, bungling a MFE removal will almost certainly be lethal, a very good reason not to try to remove it and use it as a mobile charging bench if the main focus of this topic actually is implemented.

    I like that idea of making the charge of Storage units to decay to zer0 after a full minute. That should be annoying enough so people don't use Storage units as replacement for lap/energy/batteries.

    I don't see why some one would use a block to move energy BETWEEN grids. That would be wholly impractical. The same applies for storing energy in a permanent grid. The only use I really see for this is for moving temporary micro grids.

    When I had to move my mobile quarry, I had to get a battery and discharge the Batbox after removing the PV arrays. And let's not forget the wrench mechanic. One thing that can be added is the chance of your wrench receiving a full packet from the unit, giving the user a very nasty shock and partly draining the device.

    If you REALLY want that, then you'd better get a hell of a lotta HV Transformers, otherwise your cables will burn out. If you want it to run non-stop, then put a lot of redstone repeaters to time it. Those Mark V reactors are very efficient but dangerous at the same time. If you are using single-coolant reactors, it's recommended to use Buildcraft Pipes to transport coolant to the reactor constantly. If you want non-stop regular generators (geothermal, regular, etc.) then use a miner to gather things like coal, a pump to get lava cells, etc. Also, 10252 EU per tick does not mean all reactors must run constantly, even Mark Is need a short amount of time to cool down.

    The cable are thick and could carry a crapton of current. Its the transformers that are the bottleneck.