V1.106 spotlight video attached

  • Feedback welcome :).


    (Its currently uploading, should be available 2 hours from the time i posted this message).

    I'll make it public sometime tomorrow unless theres any objections. Feel free to give out the link in the meantime.

  • I wouldn't mind if you would have pronounced the Hazmat suits COMPLETE nullification of lava and fire damage. You can take a swim in lava and it won't even loose durability :P

    Since you pretty much cover all the 'unknown' recipes in the video, I would prefer if you keep it private for a couple more days. Otherwise I would have wasted a few hours drawing up those blueprints ^^ Let the people first figure out the recipes by themselves.

    Perfect explanation of the Uranium Cell interactions. Probably this will clear things up for some people ^^

    Probably add the note that the actual numbers may are subject to balancing changes in the next couple of days/weeks, accordingly to how people start to exploit the system.

    Nice video, overall ^^ Thanks.

  • Sounds good ;). Glad you liked it! I figured showing the recipes was ok because of how prevalent nei is these days, but I'll hold the video for a couple days if you like. No problemo.

    I'll also add annotations about the hazmat and balancing.

  • just watched the video. nice overview you did there, nice explanation for all the stuff. Good to watch for everyone.