Challenge: budget rectors

  • Can you make system of breeding and energy reactors with following specifications:
    1. Energy output per one piece of ore should be at least 50% of theoretical maximum.
    2. Price of components and reactor hull(s), divided by average eu output should be as low as possible, but breeder components can be reused in energy reactor (or in other word, you can breed in same reactor you will gt energy from).
    If breeding is done in same reactor as enrthy production, this time should be also factored in when calculating average. For example, if one breeding cycle makes enough uranium cells for 9 cycles, and reactor work as mk-1, then average eu/t is 90% of working eu/t (plus whatever energy is made during breeding phase).

  • Until the Onlineplanner is updated, i would suggest the use of my EU-Consuming Ingame-Nuclearreactor-Planner. [/GregTech-Advertisement]

    Actually, I do plan to get your mod to help me with designing reactors :P

    By the way, could you link a description for your fancy EU storage system?

    It looks great as a way to store massive amounts of EU on my soon to be world-ruling, self sufficient, fully armed frame machine :D

  • 1. Energy output per one piece of ore should be at least 50% of theoretical maximum.

    A quad cell with 4 neighbors yields 140 eu/t, making that requirement translate to 17.5 eu/t per uranium cell (or a bit below 140 eu/t per ore). Assuming the quad cell lifetime bug gets fixed first, you can achieve that rate with a quad cell + single cell: 90 eu/t for 5 cells, or 18 eu/cell, for 172 heat/t.

    Such a reactor can be made relatively cheaply, a Mark I in a 3-chamber reactor using no diamonds and 8 gold (4 overclocked vents). But that doesn't come close to your average output requirement.

    3. Average output of reactor(s) should be at least 300 eu/t. If you breed in same reactor as you get energy from, breeding time is factored in when counting average energy. You can use more than one or two reactors, if needed.

    300 eu/t puts us somewhere between a 2x2 square of 3 quads, 1 single (315 eu/t, 24 eu/cell, 744 heat) and a 2x2 of half quads, half dual (280 eu/t, 23 eu/cell, 640 heat). Or the simple single-cell version (the only one viable in 1.106 from an eu-per-ore perspective due to the quad/dual lifetime bug), a 4x4 square for 320 eu/t (20 eu/cell) with 656 heat. You might be able to manage something a little better with reflectors, but this seems like a reasonable rough number.

    A 6-chamber reactor has 6*9 = 54 tiles. If we consume 16 of those with uranium, we have 38 left for heat management. At 656 heat, that means we need an average of 17.26 heat removal per tile. The only heat removal pieces close to that are component vent (16 heat) and overclocked vent (20 heat). Ignoring edge effects, they'd come out to 18 heat on average, so with edge effects they'll be well below our needed 17 heat. So, this reactor will need to be a Mark III or higher.