Suggestion: Advanced (and (at least somewhat) realistic) Geothermal Generators

  • The Advanced Geothermal Generator is a renewable energy generator powered by lava (like the normal geothermal generator). The big difference is that you don't need to constantly put lava in the generator to make it work. Instead you feed it mining pipes (or some other type of pipe) and it starts drilling straight down (or to lava). If it hits lava it will start creating power. My idea is based on the Binary Cycle Geothermal plant in real life (…le_geothermal_power_plant). If your to lazy to click the link, a binary cycle geothermal plant produces power by pumping water down into the ground where the hot ground turns the water to steam, then it goes back up and spins a turbine, condenses, and repeats. It would put out as much power as a normal geothermal generator (just an idea. EU output could be changed...) and it wouldn't use up the lava, but it would be expensive.

    C G C
    W P W
    _ P _

    C = electronic circuit
    G = Geothermal generator
    W = Water Cell
    P = Mining Pipe (or other type of pipe)

  • Cool Idea, but you only need to put by yourself 1 block of lava under the new GeoGen, that's all...

    But it can be some "revolution" from standart GeoGen, whitch can look like this: click! :whistling:

    Just add in craft Pump and Autominer than. :thumbup:

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  • How about putting a miner with OV Scanner above a large lava lake, attach a pump to it and multiple geogens next to the pump.
    Solved. :3

    If that would just work...

    Maybe my setup is wrong but I guess it's the fact that the drill refuses to enter the lava if no buckets or empty cells are in reach of the pump and even if it only does enter the lava, pump one lava block and then doesn't do anything anymore. Well if it's only a 1 block thick lava layer it continues to drill.

    The thing next to the chest is the miner, next to that with the cable is the pump, next to that with the cables are the geogens.

    On my install Mining Drill doesn't give off any sounds at all o.o
    Help! Somebody fix that please!
    Wait a sec... damnit.

    no idea if he was serious but either way that was damn funny xD