My working LZH-condensator reactor, results on efficiency, and effective power generation.

  • 1. Maybe you should read more carefully too:

    2. AGAIN ALL numbers you want are in the Reactor planner.

    3. Let’s take a look at the worst case scenario:
    All LHZ are empty and need to be changed.
    How long will it take to replace all cells?
    1. Design will explode after 5 seconds without LHZs.
    2. 6 seconds (just because you got enough Heatplatings, if it doesn’t explode it will melt the cooling cells and then explode)
    3. Will explode in less than 2 seconds. Also the cooling system is way too weak to compensate the heat.

    Don’t use OC heat vents if they aren’t fully covered with component heat vents...

    PS: if you want the maximum CRCS:
    I already did one with more output better off:

    Look in my thread for well-planned reactor designs (CRCS and these cases work the same just with different coolant)
    You can also calculate the time the reactor needs to fill a LHZ, after this time the reactor will auto shutdown to let the swapping mechanism do the work. NO HEAT inside reactor.
    HAYO CORP: Nuclear Power (FREE: Reactor Blueprints)

    PSS: for your latest reaktor just make a automated shutdown before the LHZ are emtpy and then your logi pipes will excahnge them with no problem....

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  • The one cell they are exposed to is a Quad cell. So while yes the Thick Neutron does last 4x longer than the normal one... the length of time is based upon a single cell. If you used the regular Neutron Reflectors, you'd have to replace them 4x over a single run.

    Single Cell + Regular Neutron Reflector = 1 full run
    Single Cell + Thick Neutron Reflector = 4 full runs
    Dual Cell + Thick Neutron Reflector = 2 full runs
    Quad Cell + Thick Neutron Reflector = 1 full run

    Hmm...missed that...thank you for telling me that....that makes running dual and quad cells allot more expensive resourcewise when you wanna run them at high eff....seems like in the long run you'd be better off investing those resources in breeders and just using the uranium in lower eff - single cell reactors.

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  • 1: valid point...i should have read more carefully too
    2: invalid point...the reactor planner does not tell me the cost of lapiz
    3: first off...i explicitly explain how to avoid that worst case scenario by using pre damaged LZH.
    3.1 : you say my design will melt after 5 seconds without LZH...true...your so called safe CRCS melts in 4 seconds!
    3.2 : mine...6 , yours....4. Also my design has each LZH touching one all LZH deplete at the same rate...meaning you can use the above mentioned method to avoid that worst case scenario....your has one condensator touching 3 cells and the rest 1 cell it's trickier if not even impossible to avoid 2 LZH depleting at the same time.

    About the vents...don't use OC vents if you're not sure about your calculations but let me just say that they are better than reactor vents...
    4 reactor vents like in your design suck up 20 heat/s and take 4 slots...can run forever (if the hull doesn't melt)
    1 OC vent with 3 component vents suck 32 heat/s and also take 4 slots...can run for 2500 seconds before melting and need a 318 second cool other words it can run (8/9)th of the time.
    2 OC vents with 2 component vents in a 2x2 area suck up 56 heat/s...need cooldown bla bla bla do the math if you're interested.
    but here's the real interesting one: 2 OC vents +3 component vents like here: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…kfz2qbjwriowhno3haqw6nk74
    this is awesome...64 cooling/s and can run for 2500 seconds before melting also for 8/9 of the time and takes just 5 slots that fit very nicely in a corner.
    you would need 13 reactor vents to get the same cooling
    and it will not melt in my design because it only needs to run slightly less than 8/9 of the time.

    PS: nicely be honest i spent about....2 minutes making it's not really a big surprise that someone made a better's so funny how you have to use the same pattern that was used for cooling cells in the old system...but now it's for quad uranium cracks me up.

    PSS...agreed...but...i don't have you? do you shut it down? ....don't tell me you use a billion vanilla repeaters.
    Until RP2 comes out for 1.4.2 I don't see a way to do that.
    elaborate please
    PSSS...considering everything ( i'm not gonna write it it's way too long ) With timers shuting down the reactor to allow logi pipes to swap LZH...this: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…2qw66o0a9oec62v9t2ve71qm8
    is better than this: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…u26e47a4hkquio6n0ugjjho8w
    because all LZH deplete at the same rate and it would allow the timing to be better.
    with the "uneven LZH load" the timing would be a headache to design and all that stopping and starting the reactor would reduce it's effective eu/t to less than the "even LZH load" one....know what i mean?

    Note to OP:
    sorry for all this posting ( I wouldn't say it's spam ) in your thread mate but this new system turned things upside down...
    it used to be like:
    reactors - interesting-complex, fun, dangerous, rewarding (mental) vs CASUC - booring, simple, rewarding (material)
    and now it's like:
    reactors - booring, simple (f-ing grid patterns), rewarding(material) vs CRCS - interesting-complex, fun, dangerous, rewarding(mental)

    mcmz4e aka MaryuZ aka 2.muCh.Pride

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  • a better "Loss Free" version of my reactor would using coolant cells and cooling reaktors to cool them.
    with aoutomated shutdown after one cell is about to melt and such.
    i aggree that my reaktor isnt very practicle , it just an engeeniereng blueprint to play around. note: for now it is the MAXIMUM output of a reaktor that will do a full cycle....

    Basicly like many already mentioned the Heat Condenser are only usefull as last resort to distribute heat cause you can do the same thing Coolant cells just on the long run more cost efficient.

    also there where somewhere very well made posts about making timers using batboxes and the e-net.

    when you want to know how much lapis its cost to run a cycle:
    9 lapis = 4 UU
    1uu=1000000eu/166000eu(with scrap)
    so one lapis is at 440.000eu
    or 73777eu
    rest is yours...

    yes my reaktors will melt after 4 seconds without cooling.
    BUT they are not supposed to be running while the cooling is changed....
    yours are.

    about OC vents yes they will make 32 heat dissapear but also will draw 36 heat from hull, so after some time it can be that these vents melt.
    i made a little setup that is neutral and will suck up all heat it can but will never melt. giving 80 cooling at 2x4 square

    Change the scheme, alter the mood. Electrify the boys and girls if you'd be so kind.

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  • Sorry, it's a bit out of topic, but I can't find RSH/LZH recipes (and I'm too lazy to install NEI, + I dislike using adfly): how could I get it ?

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • implemented this one: 4360EU/t
    without logi pipes :D

    There are 14 LZH with 6 deplete patterns, use Railcraft item loader/unloader to replace LZH immediately:
    1. item loader A pull out LZH with damage value close to 4000(must < 4000) from reactor into chest cart
    2. item unloader B pull out LZH from chest cart into chest
    3. repair LZH (6 autocrafting table)
    4. BC pipes pull out LZH from autocrafting table into item loader C
    5. item loader C put LZH into chest cart
    6. item unloader D pull out LZH from chest cart into reactor (if any space)

    MinecraftCreeper MinecraftCreeper MinecraftCreeper There are 8~14 LZH in chest cart (LZH buffer to make it through the pipe trans time)

    If there is no lapis, reactor will explode in 30 sec :P

    reactor and LZH damage value(pull out)
    (3763 next is 3897, but item loader can not pull out 3897...dont know why)

    item loader/unloader all toward to chest cart
    LZH pipe into item loader C

    item loader/unloader setting and chest cart

    chest adj with 6 autocrafting table

    output with bug reactor -.-

    reactor heat is always 0 (Railcraft FTW :D )
    HV trans connect to 5 chambers, I think the real output is about 3800EU/t?

  • you should have atleast one vent to reduce the reactor heat. If you don't do that every lzh refill will give an little amount of head to your reactor and after some time (and some server lags ;)) it will explode

  • If you don't do that every lzh refill will give an little amount of head to your reactor and after some time (and some server lags ;)) it will explode

    Replacement is done instantly, that's the beauty of RC Loaders:)

    Great design, lulan, I tried to do something similar, but probably messed up with Condensers in filters, so could only make a breeder -…page&v=ZxcR4sqR1bA#t=523s

  • but for now, all the methods of cobble generation won't fit nicely on my wall, so I just spawned scrap for these tests.

    If you've got Thermal Expansion, use Igneous Extruders, just one block. They need one bucket of lava and one of water to start but don't use them up and automatically pipe out cobble to a side of your choice. It's only one every two seconds but you can build as many as you need.