Help with nuclear setup?

  • So, I have a nuclear reactor, connected to a MFSU, to my machines, everything goes perfect, now, I want the reactor to turn off when the MFSU gets filled, but I don't want the reactor to turn on until the MFSU is empty (or almost empty), I know a reactor turns off if it receives a redstone power, since the MFSU can send redstone power, I want to know if I need to do a complicated redstone logic gate, or something. Sorry if this has been posted before, I'm new here :D

  • Yeah, I think the easiest way of doing this would be to set up some manner of flip-flop system, with a buildcraft gate turning the output off when the MFSU is full, and another one activating it when it's empty. It's possible to do with vanilla redstone, I think, but not easy.

    My advice would be to use redpower and buildcraft gates (if you're on 1.3.2, then you might be a while waiting for redpower)

  • Well, there's a couple of ways to do this:

    Simple solution: NOT gate which powers the reactor, but when it receives a signal from the MFSU from being full, it turns off. Previously, you didn't need a NOT gate, due to the reversal of redpower on nuclear reactor activity from the 1.106 patch.

    Simple problem: When it isn't at full, it'll continue going.

    Fix for simple problem: From Redpower2 mod, there's a logic gate called a State Cell. Basically, the signal from the MFSU triggers the state cell, which outputs a signal on a timed response. So, for example, when triggered, it waits at least, say, five minutes or so before turning back on again.

    Even simpler solution: The addon mod Nuclear Control has something which can do this.

  • I forgot to say, I'm in 1.2.5, I have buildcraft, redpower, equivalent exchange, industrialcraft 2 and I just installed the nuclear control addon, now how I can set it up?
    Also the state cell won't work since the time is always changing (sometimes needs to use more EU sometimes less)

  • Yeah but then as soon as the MFSU gives energy to my machines the generator will turn on again.
    Also if I choose: send redstone when empty, then I whould have to use a lever (manually) when it gets full
    There should be a way to choose in batbox/MFSU etc. a redstone signal: send when full until gets empty (so it gets filled up and then the reactor turns off, until the MFSU is empty)

  • take 2 MFSU
    1. will turn the Reaktor on when it is emtpy.
    2. will turn it off if it is full

    there is always an easy solution

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  • 1. (directly hookup to your machines) emit if empty
    2. (last one in your battery) emit if full

    you will need to build a memorycell
    (only some redstone and 2 torches)
    i made 2 pics with the MFSU full:

    and Empty:

    Change the scheme, alter the mood. Electrify the boys and girls if you'd be so kind.

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  • my solution to this is to put an electrolyzer on the mfsu, and then detect the presense of a water cell - turn on at 25%, turn off when full or 75%.

    if you have a stack of cells, you can add a 5 min delay on the turn on/off.

    (buildcraft logic gates needed to detect specific inventory items)

    an rs nor latch remembers which side was last high (design can be found at…le:StandardLogicGates.png), and is only 2 torches, 2 blocks and a small amount of redstone.