• ...use LAN multiplayer?
    Topic on minecraftforum was removed, and I wasn't able to find out things myself.
    I use hamachi, so a network with some people, than I press share - but game says, that it is localhosted! but I hold server for me and friends and it works with hamachi flawlessly. What the heck? 8|

  • LAN/ Local Area Connection only works in your wifi/cable range AKA only for other pc 's in your house
    If you want to play with friends you still need to use the dedicated server software as before.

  • LAN = Local Area Network
    A Lan network consist of all computers currently connected to your internet by way of a router, switch, or gateway.

    Option one for setting up server: True local server.

    A true local game is the easiest to set up as it can be done within minecraft itself (1.3.2 and later)
    The drawback to a true local game is it requires all players to be connected to the same router, switch, or gateway as the host.

    Option two for setting up games: Virtual lan server.
    *Requires a Hamachi or a similar VLan network program.

    A little more complicated than true local games, virtual lan servers work the same way a true local server works with one exception.
    virtual lan programs create what is best explained as a large cable across the internet to connect specific users, giving the bonus of not requiring you to be near the host server.
    Limited by how many users Hamachi allows. (I believe its five for free user's)

    I hope this answers your question and prevents further confusion, if you need help setting up a server feel free to PM me.

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  • My point was, that hamachi purpose is to create a lan - by creating a virtual network with virtual space, where people in group are connected to one host (hamachi server).
    I have a server, and it runs ok with hamachi - but I thought that it can share lan games. Too bad it can't ~_~