Suggestion : Terraformer Rework

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    My suggestion is to make terraformers work less randomly and much more "mechanically" making it MUCH easier to use.

    Change the way it transforms\creates\deletes blocks:
    by making it start transforming\creating\deleting blocks from center and going to borders [Like a cube] once all blocks near the center are already transformed.
    Making it check every 200+ ticks if there are available blocks to transform so it won't stop randomly like actual terraformer does, if almost all blocks in the area of effect are already transformed.

    Change the way it uses EU :
    Consume X EU to transform\create\delete a block, instead of randomly altering blocks depending on EU input.
    Accept upgrades : Transformers increases EU/t usage [and speed] and Overclockers increases Area of Effect [and increases EU per block transformed]
    Stop consuming EU once all blocks inside Area of Effect are transformed.

    Change the Area of effect:
    Alter a space of NxNxN (With N being a value, depending on TFBP and upgrades)

    Change biome inside area of effect.
    Blueprints have a tooltip showing EU usage, per block transformed\created\deleted.
    Accept UUM as an amplifier (Like scrap does with UUM production).
    Require an adjacent MFSU to work.

  • I like most of it. But Overclockers should increase speed, not area of effect.
    You can bind range to Transformers or EU packets strength (indirect Transformer dependency) or internal EU stored (indirect Energy storage dependency).
    Nearby MFSU is bad demand imho except you will want to count it's storage as Terraformer's.

  • I like some of the suggestions you made ( specifically the way it transforms blocks - not random anymore, and that it can take energy from a storage block.) however, there is one problem i see with this....

    I don't see many people using the terraformer anymore, i, myself have used it at points, however i just don't see it being used enough to be reworked, surely, i wouldnt mind seeing it be slowly changed overtime, however as i said before, i just don't see enough people using it to be reworked.

    This is just my opinion, please don't take it offensively or anything,

  • The general idea seems to be good, but I do never used Terraformer for the time being, so maybe I shouldn't replie ^^.
    But ...

    Accept UUM as an amplifier (Like scrap does with UUM production).

    This sounds as a very-industrial way of terraforming. It's realistic and convenient. It has to be implemented.

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • Actually, historically, that's always been a pretty good argument to rework things in IC2. When things are underused, they get buffed, and when things are overused, they get nerfed.

    I do admit, that has happened a couple of times, the only problem is, i don't really think these buffs are enough to make them usable, with the likes of buildcraft, mystcraft etc. I think they'd need a MAJOR rework to even be usable because, as i see them at the moment, i don't really see something they can do that something else can't. I know i shouldn't be saying "oh well this --------- mod fixes this" but, the way i see it, it is true.