Suggestion: Generator modification

  • Allow normal generators accept Overclocker upgrades, each upgrade increases EU output by 5.
    Fuel is consumed faster due higher output. for example a generator with 2 OC will burn stuff 2 times faster (20EU/t)


    Allow normal generators accept adjacent blocks (like LESU, GregTech addon) to increase output/fuel usage.
    Adjacent blocks should be a new block, non-tile entity. Recipe could be Machine block + 2 circuit

    These would allow consume of higher amounts of fuel easier. Normal gens are too weak if compared to others nowadays.

  • Fuelgens (for lack of better word to distinguish it from other gens) will still require supplying scaffolds, coal etc. in great numbers, so I doubt changing them will matter much.

    I'd rather see balanced "compact" greengens. Something that costs proportionally, and require proportional space, but give much more eu/t and give less lags. Those industrial skyscraper-size windmills would be cool, for example.

  • Love that idea, in midgame I need energy badly for mining laser and diamond drill. I usually already have an automated tree farm, however I simply can't burn the output fast enough.

    Edit: There should be a maximum of 10 overclockers so people can't just hook up a few tree farms and be at end game.

    2nd Edit: By a few, I mean a few dozen.

  • Would be interested in seeing the idea fleshed out a bit more in terms of how far the upgrades should go to and what effect it has on fuel efficiency.

    Could definitely get behind the possibility of generators being able to produce more power even if it ended up being something as simple as a tiered upgrade similar to the compact solars addon which I like the idea of but not so much the fact that it is solar and producing free energy over time on my server which is up even when people are not on.

  • As a comparison, why not somthing like the induction furnace that generates more power the longer it's on. But when it runs out of fuel, i needs to cool down like a Neuclear Reactor or a Buildcraft engine. but like what was said earlier, there does need to be a form of green energy that's price is proportionate to it's output. On it's own, solar pannels are too expensive for 1 Eu/t during the day, Water mills produce slightly more but need to be babysit to produce optimal power, same as Geo-thermal