New tekkit item Miners Helmet

  • So I've been thinking about this for quite some time now and I'm now
    posting something so maybe my idea will become a reality. The idea is
    simple, just like the drills and power tools I was thinking of like a
    mining helmet. It would be just like any normal helmet, but not being
    used for defense. It would light up in front of the wearer. Anyone
    willing and with the programing experience should check it out. I'm not
    too artistic so maybe someone could post a picture of it. I was thinking
    a design like a construction helmet.

    Item: Miners Helmet

    Power: RE-Battery (rechargeable)

    Light-up distance:

    Length: 7-10 blocks

    Width: 5-8 blocks

    For the recipe I was thinking maybe first having to make an iron helmet
    than using that to add more to it. Maybe making it require a little hard
    work to make like the jetpack.

    X= Iron Helmet

    Y= Advanced Circuit

    W=White Lamp


    R=Copper Cable





    Tell me what you guys think. If someone wants to take on this challenge feel free to message me. :thumbsup:

  • 1. Devs here don't make items for stupid "Clusterfuck modpack that i shall not name".

    2. Its the fudging wrong section for placing this. There is a stupid suggestion subforum.

    3. Miner Helmets have been denied before STOP ASKING.

    4. Haven't bothered reading anything beyond the title, so if you suggested something on the line of "Illumination while moving", It can't be done without killing performance.

    666. Gtfo here and don't return. kthxbye.

    Too late i overreacted :/

  • As said before, this has been denied many times before. [I would move/lock this if i could]
    Aaand if you want something to light while you are mining try GregTech addon (i suppose it is from you GregoriusT, please correct me if i'm wrong) quantum helmet fix.
    It will create light around steve if light level is low consuming little energy.

  • My Addon, which indeed contains that, doesnt support Tekkit :P

    I don't say, your "insert whatever" is bad. I'm only showing ways for making it better.
    GregTech Website
    Patreon really helps me out. If you consider funding the development of GT, so I might be able to do it fulltime, why not?
    GregTech 6, the Main Thread, Bug Reports go here too.
    I'm also on #gt-dev on, if you don't want to make a Forum account just to contact me.
    (I'm there almost every day, when I'm at my own computer. Yes you can drop bugs and suggestions there too)