[1.106+] - Hybrid Reactors!

  • Hello fellow nuclear engineers,

    When I upgraded to Minecraft 1.3.2 and the new IC2 reactor system, I was unsatisfied with the reactor builds posted here. I wanted to start a new world SSP, and they all seemed so... unbalanced. I found resource-eating powerhouses, and very highpowered breeders, most of it full with quad-cells and neutron reflectors... all not to my liking. Although maybe i didn't look enough :)

    My reactor design should be:

    -cheap (mainly diamond-wise)
    -not burning metals (no quad cells, no reflectors)
    -fairly efficient
    ...and should not require too much management on my part.

    Since it's quite efficient to separate the uranium from the cooling components nowadays, stuffing the separation space with depleted isotopes came naturally...

    so, here are the designs I came up with:

    The Marathon I:

    A very small self-sustaining reactor. It's a cold breeder which comes out with 60 Eu-Tick at 3 efficiency, and is very much fire-and-forget. Stuff it with cells and walk away. After a cycle, you got your new cells ready. No extra breeder needed, and I think i got the design pretty cost-efficient.


    I designed it, but did not use it in my game. I tried to do a bigger version of it, which is what I ended up using finally:

    The Marathon II:

    A full 6-chamber self-breeding reactor. It runs on 8 single cells outputting 140 EU at 3,5 efficiency. From a cold start you can easily breed the 8 cells for the next cycle in it, but you have to change the breeding cells mid-cycle.


    I'm running a slightly overclocked version using stacks of 10 heating cells and copper reactor plating, because I noticed too late that you don't need them (at least the copper plating helps not to get me radiated). This gives me a nice surplus of re-enriched cells. Changing the cells is no hassle with buildcraft and logisticpipes, and I will try auto-refilling it with uranium cells too, but I'm going to put it into a nice case of reinforced stone first, just in case . :D

    So, I thought they might be worth a share since I registered here anyways... ;)

    Have fun, and maybe gimme some feedback :thumbup:

  • Nice :D I think one might even be able to put more plating and heating in there. But I didn't build it as a dedicated Breeder, more as a moderately efficient reactor, which happens to breed its own cells ;)

    If you run this one continuously you can also omit one of the heating cell stacks, lowering the costs. They're essentially just there for helping with the cold start and forgetful reactor operators.

    Also, i browsed the "list of good designs" some more and found similar (and probably better) hybrid designs in there. So this might be somewhat obsolete.

    Either way, I didn't claim that these are "the best designs ever", so it's all fine ;)

  • Hmm. . . Our first MK II. That said, if you need a lot of power it may be advisable to try to make a four or three chamber unit so you don't need such a large building. I say three or four because you can fit three four chamber units in the space of a six chamber unit and you can fit six if you are willing to enlarge the containment.

    A Rock Raider trained as an Engineer, among other things.

  • RockRaiderZulu : The 6-chamber-unit isn't a Mark II either, I think the Planner just calculates a time to cool down to zero. Once at the temp of the heating cells the reactor can run continously. Set the planner to the corresponding temperature and it will be named a Mark I.

    As for the size and the containment... I myself never built a containment, and just managed to blow up my base once by applying EV to a mass fab :D
    Don't know if this is more of an issue on multiplayer servers, though.

    The 6-chamber-unit might blow up by auto-refilling it with uranium when a uranium cell gets placed at the position of an isotope cell, thus melting the components. To fix this, I gave the planner another go and came up with this one:

    Meet the Marathon III, 9-cell-hybrid:


    As with the Marathon II, add more heat cells and copper plating for more breeding. And if uranium and isotope cells are mixed up in this one it won't blow up. Looks like I won't build containment this time either. ;)

    If you don't want this safety measure, you can simplify the design a bit:


    But I don't understand why this one should only breed 8 cells according to the planner... ah well, I'll test it.

    P.S. OCD friendly. Heat matches cooling. 8)

  • So I am using the The Marathon I design and only getting 12 EU/t out of it. Is the planner report for that reactor wrong or do I have some kind of weird bug.