Api for Upgrades? (like overclockers)

  • Is there an api for the machine upgrades like the overclooker/transformer upgrade?

    I want to add high tech upgrade comps (Iridium LvL & Gregtec LvL (something realy expensiv & awesome^^))

    Idears sofar are:
    Iridium LvL:
    transformer&storage combi upgrade (both in one slot. effective is the same like the original)
    Big storage upgrade: 100 k eu storage upgrade

    Gregtech LvL:
    Advanced Overclocker: Same Speed up as original but better energy consumption
    Energy saver: reduce the energy consuption by 10 % of the base value, min eu consumpion would be 1

    For the energy saver: I want them to be the last one to apply so you cant reduce the eu to min and then use overcloocker en mass.

  • you could do one of the following:
    1: edit base ic2 classes (hint: make the changes to TileEntityElectricMachine.class)
    2: see #1 :P

  • You use the IC²-Generators for your own Code? Thats a very bad Idea. Make your own Blocks. Thats much better and maybe enables you the 30000-Machine-ID-Range (over 65000 to be precicely, but i dislike negative Metavalues on Items)

  • what?! no of course not Greg. I use it in BiomeGens where it is needed to affect the ic2 gens
    and he would need to edit the BaseGen class or his wouldn't affect the ic2 machines

    edit: actaully, I meant TileEntityElecMachine for him, for some reason I was thinking upgrades go in gens for some reason, I'll fix my other post

  • Base file modding would mean to install the mod in the ic2 java file, or? ^^

    Not directly. As IC² is another Mod you can just overload it by placing your fixed file at the same location as the IC²-File would have.

    That causes these API-Incompatiblities, which happen permanently.