[Addon v1.112+] Liquid UU-Matter v0.7.12b (now officially retired)

  • Triple-posting in my own thread (I'm a rebel!), I've just uploaded version 0.6, now with Forestry integration! Read the OP for mentions of Forestry if you're curious how far it goes, but suffice it to say it's enough to automate liquid UU making and extraction at this point.

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  • Teaser time! Here's a mock-up of the not-yet-implemented GUI for the not-yet-working UUM-powered accelerator:

    Note that the accelerator's internal tank will hold only one bucket's worth of liquid UUM, but since the quantities most recipes will be working with are so small, it makes sense to have the tank on the GUI be fairly large. Also note the plan is for the tooltip on the UUM tank to display both quantity and number of operations remaining, on two lines, like the information display in the image.

    Operation-wise, think crafting table: you put something into the left side, and if it's a valid recipe (e.g. iron ore in a machine tied to a macerator), the result is displayed in the output slot and you can pull it out, which instantly consumes one (or more, if applicable) of the input materials, as well as the requisite amount of UUM from the tank.

    When? Not sure, but not long now, Murphy willing. Minecraft 1.4? Probably after the accelerator is ready.

    Tell me what you think.

  • So I thought you all might enjoy a preview of the almost fully-working Accelerator (click the pic for the complete original screenshot):

    Semi-hidden in the screenshot is the crafting recipe to make one (it also works if rotated 90 or 270 degrees, or flipped horizontally in all cases thanks to Minecraft magic).

    Things to note that aren't ready yet: it doesn't talk to Buildcraft pipes (either waterproof or transport, though transport pipes do kind of work... poorly), it has an internal "tank" of 1024 millibuckets that regenerates whenever the entity is unloaded and reloaded, it doesn't display the value of the tank, and it doesn't consume UU chunks or cans to refill that internal tank.

    Things to note that *are* ready: it consumes UU out of its internal storage, it detects any TileEntityElectricMachine and scales operation cost to fit (recycler is explicitly blacklisted, though), it has an API so other mods can allow their machines to be plugged in, and it responds to the IC2 wrench to turn its face to a different direction.

    That texture? It's very temporary, as the plan is to give it a custom model based on the Hopper (it's based around one, after all). I may want help texturing it when the model is finalized, though.

  • I am quite literally incapable of doing so right now, and I'm not likely to have time to invest in figuring it out -- there were some *major* changes in Forge around MC 1.2.5. Relatedly, I'm not sure it would be a good idea to spend time on something that's going away soonish.

    However, source is freely available, so if you can convince someone else (who already knows how Forge for 1.2.5 works) to try it, you have my blessing.

  • All right, folks, we have a working accelerator (and a new version of the mod for you to download)! As mentioned in the OP, the texture is purely temporary and there will be an honest-to-goodness model later on (made by FunnyMan3595, in fact). Boring texture notwithstanding, grab it, play with it, and most importantly break it and tell me what broke so I can fix it.

  • ^ Sounds like I should try a 1.4.2 compile, then.

    If anyone has versions 0.7 or 0.7.1, you will want to update to 0.7.2 as I found some crash bugs in the accelerator code during recent testing. No notable content changes, just bug fixes.

    Later edit: Ugh, it's days like these... apparently 0.7.2 has a texture bug somewhere. Which is particularly interesting as I haven't made any changes related to textures. Well, if anyone's watching this space, hold on tight, I'll have a bug fix sooner or later.

    Later later edit: There we go, 0.7.2b has the textures in the right place. It was a minor bug in the packaging system.

  • Okay, folks, if you're interested, the OP has been updated with an experimental 1.108 build. This was my first time setting up an MCP+Forge, so I may possibly have made some mistakes that won't show up except in extended use (though a quick 5 minute check seems to show everything where it's supposed to be). Go bug test the living crap out of it.

  • I'll quote part of the main post for you, and you can tell me if we thought of that or not :)

    But wait, there's more: if you're a modder and would like your machine to work with the accelerator, take a look at ro.narc.liquiduu.InstantRecipe and .IAcceleratorFriend -- with these two classes you can control everything the accelerator can do with your machine, and even have your machine get notified when an operation is taking place so you can consume whatever resources you may require as part of normal operation! We won't be throwing in those Ginsu knives free of charge, though.

    Finally, if you want the source, it's included in the .zip, or you can head over to github and read it there, or send pull requests if you feel like it.

  • I saw nothing.

    ...sorry, were you asking something before? :)

    Oh, incidentally, from the lack of problem reports, shall I take it Liquid UU for 1.4.2 is working okay?