[Addon v1.112+] Liquid UU-Matter v0.7.12b (now officially retired)

  • Seems to be, I havnt had time to stuff around with it as much as I would like, been stupidly busy with hospitals and moving houses and volunteer work and proper work :P
    Good times, ill have a dedicated fiddle with it tonight and see if i can break something ^^

    Edit: Shift clicking items should stick them in the left slot
    Edit2: Broke it :P

    Shift clicking items out of the completed slot while holding another item.

  • M'kay, Quintine (and any others watching), try v0.7.3, newly released, and tell me if you can still reproduce the shift-click crash.

    I'm not entirely sure what you meant by shift-clicking should stick items in the left slot -- current behaviour for me seems to be: shift-click from inventory will choose the UUM slot if you have a UUM chunk or UUM can, and the input slot in all other cases. Shift-clicking from machine to inventory was filling from bottom-right to top-left, and I just changed that to be the opposite. Was this second part what you meant? If so, I agree and made it that way. Other mods' behaviour with this varies, and I think I picked up the original method from vanilla. Of course, ultimately, it doesn't matter, it still won't end up in the right place most of the time :)

    Edit: I take that back, I seem to have broken it. Watch this space...

    Later edit: You'd think I'd know better by now than to assume a small change is ever equivalent with "no change". Upload up, throw bug reports at me.

  • Ok there is still a little bug with shift clicking items into the machine, sometimes it picks the item up for me, its not really a big issue though. Haven't been able to break it this time and iv been going at it for a while now.

  • My short single-player tests have had Shift-clicking working okay, but I didn't really take a lot of time just moving things around and the accelerators were the only thing really happening. If you're still getting some oddity, I can try passing you a debug version that'll spit extra information at you in the console, if you think that might help. Have to wait until tomorrow, though, I'm prepping for sleep at the moment.

    Other than that, good to hear you haven't run into any more crashes. Do you have any suggestions on what I should add next? I had the thought that a carpenter filled with liquid UU might be a good alternate method to obtain the assembly table chipsets and gates, but that seems like a very small update to title 0.8, so I should have something else, too.

  • Im still thinking a way to produce other liquids with UU would be really very cool.

    UU Pumped into 1 side and its instantly converted into something else that gets pumped out the other side
    Some form of ability to select what gets pumped out like the BC refinery could work but I was thinking something slightly different, so a config file could be added to add new liquids and then be able to select in a machine gui what to make.

    The config could be something like

    desc_name, liquid_id, uu_per_bucket
    simple, allows for variation between liquids and the desc_name variable can be used for the ingame gui

  • As Funnyman points out to me, making another machine that works mostly like the refinery already does isn't terribly interesting -- if you really just want the configurability, I can give you that instead, especially since the refinery has gotten its bug (mentioned in the OP) fixed (though the bug fix isn't in the current FTB pack version).

    We'll take the idea and think about a way to make it interesting, though. Decoupling from Buildcraft altogether is a worthy goal.

  • Ahh nice, yeah as long as its configurable it will be brilliant.
    Finally got my computer set back up after moving house, what a hasstle.

  • Is UUM not a liquid already? I could be wrong with the translation, but there is achievement called "pink blob", which could mean that the UUM already liquid, not in minecraft, but as an idea. If it's true then you can add recipes like [empty bucket + 8 UUM => bucket of UUM] and [bucket of UUM => empty bucket + 8 UUM] or something like that.

  • Blob does not imply liquid.

    Also, as far as I'm concerned, achievements in Minecraft don't really exist, instead there are these irritating notifications every once in a while to "Press 'E' to open your inventory".

    Also, I've already got UUM pieces converting to liquid UU at one bucket per piece, and I've built some of my internal balance around this assumption -- why would I want to reduce it to 125 millibuckets?

  • Dont worry about the shift clicking issue , i have narrowed it down to something else... no idea what as yet but not your mod :P

  • ^ Aye-aye, Quintine. If it helps, I had odd Shift-click behaviour when I tried an updated LWJGL as a test.

    In other news, I built a version of 0.7.3 that seems to run just fine in Minecraft 1.4.5 (with IC2 1.109). From very limited testing, it seems to run okay. Download in the OP, as always.

  • Ahha, that would probably be the issue, been going through mods 1 by 1, forgot i updated lwgl not long ago :\

  • You can create as many cells as you put UU-matter in. The reason was to support the opposite operation cleanly, so this is really just a side-effect, but wouldn't it be cheaper to just use the UU to make *tin* for 32 cells (and 2 ingots left over) instead of 3 "free" cells?

    • Official Post

    Okay. What about removing Buildcrash from the List of needed Mods? Now that Forge has it integrated.

    Edit: Got this while trying to use the Accelerator.

    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 2
    at ro.narc.liquiduu.GUIAccelerator.drawOperationCosts(GUIAccelerator.java:121)
    at ro.narc.liquiduu.GUIAccelerator.b(GUIAccelerator.java:84)

    And my UUM-Assembler will work with Liquid UUM in the next Version.