[Addon v1.112+] Liquid UU-Matter v0.7.12b (now officially retired)

  • I know this Problem. [...] Best example is the NEI-API[...]

    Oh, God, yes. I tried to include the NEI API in my APIs and the amount of complaining it does is just incredible. Luckily for me, mcp_deobfuscate is very clever, so just putting the NEI jar in lib-obf and running deobfuscate_libs makes its classes and methods available for linking (via classpath during the compile process), allowing recompile_mods to just do its thing.

    In unrelated news, I've made another experimental version! I'll quote the OP for the change list, since it's fairly long:

    Not a proper release yet, but it's getting there.

  • hiho
    i am currently not using this addon on my server because there might be an issue with any BC/IC² crossover mods
    when you dublicate Oil and Refine it afterwards you get 600kMJ minus some refining cost. When i burn the oil for EU in a crossover mod i get tons of energy
    depending on wich addon you use...
    if you use the petrochemikal generator you get only 256kEU but some mods have a ratio of 2MJ=5EU
    and a UUM costs between 1000kEU and 125kEU+scrap -> infinite Energy

    List of People I know who didn't blew up a machine from Advanced Machines addon by wiring them to MV: { }

    Yay math exam is soon... lots of fun... "you love taylor approximation with parameters" *beat head with stick*

  • [...]when you dublicate Oil and Refine it afterwards you get 600kMJ minus some refining cost. When i burn the oil for EU in a crossover mod i get tons of energy[...]

    ...and so you would like to suggest that I adjust the default conversion ratios, and make them configurable (and maybe independently disable-able), so that folks can adjust their UU-to-liquids conversion to match their setup. Right?

    Well, I have good news for you, that's one of the two things the 0.8 version is going to do, the other being a liquid electrolyzer to let you convert water into electrolyzed water without having to deal with cells at any point in the process. The next experimental will have the more fully configurable conversions, so look out for that -- I'm intending to purchase a round tuit tomorrow and make it happen.

    I'm still undecided on whether the default conversion ratio should be 1 UU to 1 oil or more like 3:1, but I am leaning more and more towards the latter, which will change the current numbers fairly drastically.

  • I can't wait for the Liquid Electrolyzer.

    I'm looking forward to having it, as well, but I keep getting distracted by other things that need doing. At least the conversion ratios were fairly easy to finalize, so...

    New release time!

    That's right, folks, it's that time of the week again: LiquidUU v0.7.11 final is now available from the OP. I did end up changing the base conversion to 3 UU -> 1 oil, and then I gave the convenience conversions a slight boost, making them 5 UU -> 1 fuel. It's still much more effective to convert to oil and refine than to duplicate fuel, but the option remains.

    Speaking of options, everything's configurable! Well, almost everything. There are three categories for Liquid UU conversions: base, convenience, and nonfuel, and you can set the UU cost for each category independently. So, if you for some reason wanted it to be more efficient to duplicate fuel than oil, you could change uu.convenience to 1, or raise uu.base to 6, or you could boost fuel production to output 2 millibuckets per 5 mB of UU instead of 1. The refinery operation cost is also semi-configurable: it will always multiply the mj.per.uu cost by the amount of UUM being input -- so, by default, base conversions take 15 MJ/t, convenience conversions take 25 MJ/t, and nonfuel conversions take 5 MJ/t. Increasing this operation cost can help balance things out, too.

    Here's a picture of (part of) my testing setup -- click the screenshot for a pic of all 11 liquids and how much of them came out of a single source bucket -- note that this section of the test setup had infinite UU:

    I thought that looked pretty awesome, myself.

    Query: is there any interest for a liquid conversion API and/or IMC handler? I could definitely push that into somewhere public now, so other mods could add their own liquid UU conversions instead of me having to track them all.

  • I'm not sure I follow -- what should I be looking for in the PfF thread that might help?

    And yes, having the user finish compatibility is an option -- I can certainly go through the Liquid Dictionary and add all the liquids I find to my config. That's actually a lovely idea and I think I'll write it down in my TODO list.

  • You hit the nail on the head (It was late when i posted that last post)

    Edit: So I have been fiddling around with a Logistics Pipes and Liquid UU crafting system and just ran into this error.

    Here is the full log.

    The error occurs when entering an area where the accelerators are sitting. It did not occur in the few hours of setting up the system. Just when somone else moves within range or when somone in the area logs in.

    Edit: Upgraded the server and client to 1.4.7 and things are working smooth again.

  • How weird. I'd be willing to put it down to a possible Forge mini-glitch -- what happened was the client world returned no tile entity for a given block, which really shouldn't happen because the packets I'm using for this are chunk data packets, meaning they get sent *after* the server makes sure the clients all have the correct tile entity data. I suppose I could throw in a null pointer check in, though, just in case things arrive out of order (as they sometimes manage to), reducing the severity from a crash to machines just not facing the right way until you right-click them.

    Thanks for the report, and glad it's working better in 1.4.7.

  • No problems, was a bit of a crippling issue for a while :P Hopefully it doesnt pop up again this version. I remember Buildcraft had an issue similar to this a loooong time back

  • Well, I just built and uploaded v0.7.11b with the null pointer check added in, just in case. Get it from the OP, as usual. After this, it *really* won't happen again.

  • Posting here to report that I can't use the refinery function in 7.11b, it just won't accept UU + any other liquid. Here's a picture of what I mean:

    There aren't any errors, no crashes, just missing functionality. The refinery GUI will still accept UU + x liquid = x liquid as a possible outcome, though. Just no actual liquid entering the tank, with or without the gui being setup.

  • Now how did that manage to happen? Here's the same setup on my test world, so whatever's going wrong is probably not in the code, but man, that's weird.

    Can I get a copy of your config (in case it generated wrong, somehow), and your latest ForgeModLoader-client-0.log? Put the latter on a pastebin, it's guaranteed to be too large for the forum per-post character counter.

    Awesome screenshot idea, by the way.

  • Buh? 0.7.11 experimental is nowhere near the same version as 0.7.11b, and I'd strongly suggest updating (experimental versions really aren't intended for regular use), but... I still don't see how that would change anything.

    With that said, changing Forges doesn't seem to have made any difference, either -- I've now run it successfully with Forges 472, 486, and 489. I'll keep trying to reproduce it, but unless and until I can, there's nothing I can do to help. Please try updating to the latest LiquidUU and seeing if that helps at all -- theoretically it shouldn't change anything, but I've seen stranger things happen.

  • I feel silly. When I made the test instance, I added the wrong version. The original problem WAS on 0.7.11b though. The non-experimental version works, but not every time. Seems to not work on world create, but if I close and reopen, replace all the stuff, the refinery starts behaving once I configure its GUI. Works fine from then on. :huh:

    Different topic, feels like it's more balanced now, I like the 3 UU/Oil cost. Seems like a good baseline. I pump out UU like crazy with my reactor, sometimes wish the massfab had a configurable amount to produce per UU. I want the Matter Fabricator from Gregtech but not the rest of Gregtech :P

    Edit: Saw you said you needed some possible textures, thought I'd give it a go for you because of the derp on my part. The first texture is idle, second is electrolyzing, and the third is delectrolyzing.

  • Your Addon makes Liquid Transposers from Thermal Expansion not extracting Lava Cans from Forestry. Please fix this, it is really annoying.

  • OK, about the electrolyzer stack bug, take a look at this screenshot of the creative inventory:

    Notice anything weird? Check it out on your world! Does it happen to you?