Do you use Iron Fences? What is your set-up?

  • I'm having a hard time turning iron fences into a feasible method of transportation. I have a large 80+ tower I want to be able to get up and down quickly, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what the best way to set these things up. I've come to terms with needing two chutes (one for up, the other for down), but a Magnetizer will only power 20~ fences! This is ridiculous! To make things worse, I can't just add another Magnetizer along the way because then the player's vertical trip up will be abruptly halted when they hit the Magnetizer with their head.

    I was really hoping to fit a set-up into a 1x80x3 dimension box but now I am despairing. My next best idea is to have two columns of fences that alternate in power, but as I'm doing all this in survival legit I don't want to waste time and energy building a design only to find a better way shortly after.

    I am only using IC^2, no other mods. How have you guys solved the vertical dilemma?

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    Place a magnetizer, add ~50 poles on top of it, place second magnetizer on top of that. Then place a third magnetizer 3 y-levels below, diagonally adjacent to the second magnetizer and again stack 50 poles on top of it (with a 4th mag at the end).

    Important facts about magnetizers used in this construct:
    -they power 20 poles below them, as well
    -due to the momentum, they can easyly propell a player further then just the 20 powered pieces.

  • I always wonder how to use magnetizers in series (For lack of a better term), I just thought I was too inept with them :pinch: , but all I had wrong was stacking them directly above one another, and then falling off. Repeatedly. Anyways, glad to have found this thread.

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