Thut's Reactor Designs

  • I will place my various reactor designs here.

    Here is the current system which I use to breed all the fuel for my uranium reactors: Note: it uses a thorium cell from GregTech. Also, works best with an automatic system for feeding it depleted cells, as well as to turn it off when you run out of cells.

    Thorium Breeder 1

    Maintains a steady heat of approximately 64k
    recharges 440 depleted cells per thorium cell.
    Main problem would be obtaining the 1395 copper needed (i sent my turtles to go remove a few chunks from existence)
    Does not damage players who get near it.

    Here is the reactor Which i use to consume the uranium bred above.

    Mark 1 High efficiency reactor

    Efficiency 7

    notes: works better with GregTech iridium neutron reflectors, as those do not need replacing every cycle.

    • Official Post

    A Word of Warning. The Reactor Planner is a little bit bugged in regards of Thorium and Plutonium. I would doublecheck it via Computer Cube.

    Also there is a new Thread for GregTech based Reactors in the Addon Discoussion Section. (because the Nuclear Section could be misleading for non-Addon Users)

  • When you wan't to charge many, many cells, this could work. And getting hurt isn't really a problem for me, but sure, if you don't like getting damage, then you could invest a lot of resources in just that feature.