[Addon 2.0] NetworkAnchor 0.10.3e

  • Lefty, EverRunes, should be fixed now.

    Version 0.10.3e
    - build under Minecraft 1.6.4, Forge, IC2 2.0.301
    - fix for recipes, now they should be shown in NEI
    - some code optimizations
    - added config value to adjust network scan speed (server side)

    Expression used to calculate scan speed:

    1. = ScanRateBase + ScanRateA * (ScanRateB ^ count_of_overclocker_upgrades)

    Default values set to:

    1. D:ScanRateBase=0.0
    2. D:ScanRateA=100.0 (increased from 2 to 100 relative to previous version)
    3. D:ScanRateB=1.3 (reduced from x2 to +30% relative to previous version)

    ScanRateHardLimit will be applied after calculation of this expression.