[Addon 2.0] NetworkAnchor 0.10.3e

  • Well with the current setup of the network anchor i could see running a cable over the train line to simulate electric rails. Everything would be chunk loaded and the Power use would grow based on the size of the rail network.

  • Electric rails which have chunkloading capability (when receiving energy and a minecart is above it) ?

    No, I think frequent chunk forcing/unforcing is bad practice. I not sure for real what it was cause but theoretically it will make MC chunk loader jump from side to side and swap chunks from/to disk. However I currently don't know on what is difference between chunk loading for block and entities, maybe it is ok.

    Well with the current setup of the network anchor i could see running a cable over the train line to simulate electric rails. Everything would be chunk loaded and the Power use would grow based on the size of the rail network.

    You hit the point, it is like powered red stone/golden rails but consuming EU to boost cart + conduct power by itself like normal cables, so you have choice to use rails alone or stripe normal rails and electric so you can power them with more lossless cable + electrocute livings that walking on them, e.g. it like a subway rails, with one thing - there probably should be some kind of uhm... electric locomotive instead of directly boosting carts.
    As they are will work as ElectricTile it will be automatically compatible with NetworkAnchor. It is probablye not as effecient as chunk loading cart but if you correctly organize tunnel you can put there also pipes and other transport stuff so you get pretty nice arterial... sometimes I recall that minecraft is also a building game. ))

  • Electric rails would be pretty awesome.

    Or they could be setup like the electrified rails here in AUS, where the trains get power from rails over the top of the train. Would keep things compatible with railcraft

  • hoho, real life takes me away, sorry. Currently I don't have time to play games, not even sure I will come back, so I wouldn't mind if anyone else will port it to new version, fork it, or maybe even reuse code in their own addon to make similar thing, however if I come back I will continue developing this "original" version.

    I have some further ideas that can be done for this addon. Leave it for consideration, if someone interested:

    • add redstone processing, so NetworkAnchor may be turned on and off with redstone (basically lever). Visually will have display turned on/off. Physically - if turned off device will not do anything, but charge internal accumulator.
    • scan terminator - do what it tells, network scan will not go beyond this block. Block itself work as cable. Can be done as additional block or as additional passive functionality for original NetworkAnchor block. Max voltage can match HV iron cable in first case, or depends on amount of installed transformer upgrades in second case.
    • wave-based scan algorithm - should heavily reduce memory usage during scan. I already make some trials with that, but don't know how to make it work well yet.
  • Before all: this version contains some internal changes that is not compatible with previous versions, partially because of new IC2, so I recommend to remove all of NetworkAnchor blocks from world and wipe config file before installing this version. (I guess you already do it, because of delay)

    - build under Minecraft 1.6.2, Forge, IC2 2.0.282
    - removed LangHelper (because of minecraft resource pack, beware of UTF-8 BOM)
    - TileEntity synchronization moved back to Container* class
    - added own Connection/PacketHandler
    - added ability to reflect config from server to client (except "BlockID" field)
    - added config option to hardly limit maximum scan rate (for server admins)
    - added logging of started anchors on world load
    - added scan terminator block (as described in previous post)
    - added option to optimize chunk structure due network scan (look for "O" button in GUI, "E" is old "Enabled|Disabled" button)
    - added support for Railcraft Lapotronic Upgrade
    - retextured to match new IC2 style

    ScanTerminator crafted with the same "easy" recipe as NetworkAnchor, just use Insulated Iron Cable instead of copper.

    Optimization of chunk structure achieved by selecting only chunks that have at least one electric block that is not cable. In other words - if you have energy source connected to some consumer via 1000 blocks of cable, you may skip cables and force only chunks with source and consumer instead of whole line, it will be approximately 2-4 chunks instead of ~64. I found that it works according on how IC2 models it's energy network.

    Known bug (feature?): may eat whole MFSU in several seconds, from what I found it's because current IC2 EnergyNet not returning leftover from device to energy storage, I recommend simply disable energy consumption or feed anchor with accumulators or energy crystals.

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    :D Yay, thanks for the update! I will do a 32x Top part for you if you want ;p

  • Yes, just return the right value in demandedEnergyUnits(). That is currently the only workaround.

    Yes. If look from other side, e.g. from zero, it is possible to demand energy only when buffer is empty, so it will work like GregTech machines, but there is still should be some buffered energy, so I think keeping half of buffer is enough + some 3-colored charge bar will look nice.

  • Hello I am getting the following stacktrace when I try including your mod (the 0.10.e version):

    I can provide more logs if you want, the other mods that I use are listed here: Gregtech hardmode server

  • I get the following error when I try to add 0.10.1e.


  • yeah so I have no crafting recipes? :X is it just me? (I'm using greg recipes)

    It doesn't shown in NEI but it exists, side effect of mmm... anti-cheating(?) system that I added. It basically transfers config file from server when you connection to it and applies it until you disconnect, I currently don't see the way to explicitly switch recipe other way, maybe will write plugin for NEI. Currently you gonna use first post as a hint.

  • The recipe for the Network Anchor is neither displaying nor working for me. According to my NEI, I don't have "Insulated" Copper Cable, just regular Copper Cable and Uninsulated Copper Cable.

    EDIT: Turned B:HardGregTechRecipe to false, can craft Anchor now.