[Addon 2.0] NetworkAnchor 0.10.3e

  • I would be thinking something around (32EU/t)chunk But thats just me, configurable would be best. I currently have RC loaders with a fairly high cost to run.

  • Keep in mind its a pretty radical scale, 32 EU/t for one chunk may not be much, but for a 3chunkx3chunk area (I pick this because its what the world anchor does) you're all the way up to 288 EU/t (at this price it would be cheaper to have a gregtech fabricator feed the world anchor pearls), which is going to encourage everything to be built as a single chunk tower, instead of a more spread out building that's still not excessive on server load.

    But then, all that's what configs are for, chunloader cost should range from anything from free to ludicrously expensive.

  • Yeah I always like to view chunkloaders as a bit of a mid/endgame device so my last 5x5 chunk base had a 70kEU/t throughput (I had 1x Fusion and a few really high Nuclear stacks running) It may of been a touch excessive tbh :P
    But a fairly basic wind turbine setup can supply 32 (Although 8-12EU/t may be better for a default value) with relative ease

  • Chunks forced, my though was 4 EU/t per chunk


    I had assumed you'd leave it configurable.




    Energy consumption model is now:
    EU/t = EnergyBase + EnergyPerTile * TilesFound + EnergyPerChunk * ChunksForced
    With EnergyPerChunk set to 4 by default.
    Italic values are configurable.
    So you now may go and blow you brain tweaking values. )

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    Hmm... I like you. Running one at 16 eu/t per chunk, with an entire UHSP and a hybrid hooked up, 6x6 loaded Chunks loaded :P Think i might turn it down to 8eu/t xD

  • Question of personal interest: could you make the IC2:CA storage modules usable too (tier 3 = 3 times as powerful as normal one)
    And btw: gr8 addon!
    all those other chunkloaders are completely useless, for example the chicken chunks mod causes my world to crash due to a mod incompatibility i thnk, which this one doesnt have. and the powercraft chunk loader doesnt work on srevers either.
    well, and railcraft isn't really my favourite mod, had too many problems and incompatibilities in past times with it :D
    so this one is the best and most realistic as it needs energy to load the chunks.
    Great work, keep it up :D
    Greets, Shadow

    Iff yu find misstaks, you may keep them! (Or tell me if neccessary...)

  • Since all changes already described in first post I want to say few word about on how to localize addon to your language:
    1. Extract master localization file from addon .jar or .zip, from "networkanchor_0.09.jar\mods\NetworkAnchor\lang\en_US.txt", into your minecraft directory as following ".minecraft\mods\NetworkAnchor\lang\en_US.txt".
    2. Rename it using your language code: ru_RU, de_DE, it_IT, fr_FR, ... You may find exact language codes at "minecraft.jar\lang\languages.txt".
    3. Translate text after "=" character.
    4. Save it. Make sure you saving it in UTF-8 encoding.
    5. Launch minecraft and try to set you language in options.

  • Just wanted to point this out:


    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: mods/QuantumPack/LangHelper

    I'm assuming this is your Quantum Pack mod not being installed, but you may want to delve into this a little...

  • So... as you may have noticed I had a bit of a thought.

    A sort of, coding challenge you could say?

    I propose your chunk loader, that sits in a minecart (If railcraft is installed) scans the size of the train and then loads chunks larger than the train size (With a separate configurable EU usage) and can be loaded in a similar way to a MFSU cart.

    Failing that, a 3x3 loader in a minecart that uses EU would also be pretty awesome.

  • Hmm, what's about electric rails?