Copper cable not transfer more than 2 blocks energy?

  • Hi everyone i got a problem

    i placed an batbox and wired it directly to an solar panel like this

    :Solar Panel: :Cable: :Cable: :Cable: :Batbox: but the batbox get no EU.

    if i place it like this then it works.

    :Solar Panel: :Cable: :Cable: :Batbox:

    so this means that i cannot transfer EU furter than 2 blocks.

    hopefully you can understand this.

  • The normal Solar Panel outputs 1EU/t.

    That mean the packets sent by the Solar Panel have the size of 1 EU.

    Insulated Copper Cable loses 0.2EU per Block traveled.
    That means in your case you lose 0.6EU and only 0.4EU reach the batbox. So not a single 1 EU packet reach the batbox.

    Use instead tin cable for solar wiring. EU can travel there 40 blocks without any loss.

  • @above EUs don't work like that, they can only subtract by a minimum of 1 EU like the tin cable that you mentioned.

    Is the answer to this question no?


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  • oops sorry for the double topic's.

    something happend when i created this topic.

    i tried it with tin cables but it didn't work. is there an other way to transer energy over a longer distance?